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"YOU LIE, driver of 39 759H!"

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

McHenry County, Illinois

"YOU LIE, driver of 39 759H!"

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
November 17, 2009

Remember last week's summary of a traffic incident on McHenry Avenue and Raffel Road? And the driver of a blue Toyota pick-up with Illinois license 39 759H?

I requested Woodstock Police Department to contact the driver, since he had reported, anonymously, to WPD that I was speeding north on Raffel Road.

Just had a visit from Ofc. L. Vasquez to fill me in on his contact with that driver. Get this!

According to Ofc. Vasquez, that driver told him that I had been tailgating him eastbound on McHenry Avenue from Irving and that I had passed him in the no-passing zone at Broadway. Then at Raffel Road that I made a left turn first and started north on Raffel Road. He said that he was behind me and pulled over to write down my license plate number, after which he followed me north on Raffel Road and then turned right on Banford.

Somebody has got to know who that clown is and who he works for. That guy has a serious problem with lying to police officers. I still wonder how he is connected.

This makes two times that I should have had my camera out and ready on the seat of the car. I'd make a lousy Boy Scout; right? Never prepared. Wouldn't it be nice to have a video of a driver passing me in a no-passing zone? Guess there wouldn't be any question about who passed whom!

I was glad to know that Woodstock P.D. has identified that other driver and that his name will appear in WPD records, even if he did lie and provide false information directly to a police officer. One of these days I'll probably come across somebody that that guy bragged to before Ofc. Vasquez showed up and who will testify that that driver had told a different story until the cop showed up.

And then he'll get charged with two incidents of lying to police: 1) when he phoned in an false report last Thursday and 2) when he lied directly to Ofc. Vasquez today.

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