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Auto Insurance Quotes -Some Policies Have Hidden Fees that you Need to Be Aware Of

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Auto Insurance Quotes -Some Policies Have Hidden Fees that you Need to Be Aware Of

Jay Leo
November 20, 2009

Jay Leo

The internet has given us many ways of researching our insurance choices with just a few clicks of a button and never having to step foot out your door and into numerous insurance agencies. You can receive multiple quotes from many different agencies by using one of the many comparison web-sites or if you would prefer, you can Google individual insurance companies and go to each of their business web-sites to receive a quote.

This will take more time, unless you only want quotes from certain insurance companies. Utilizing the service that the comparison web-sites can offer you, will give you a lot of quotes with only requiring you to enter your information once, instead of filling out the information on each company's web-site. There are certain things you might wish to know before logging onto these sites. Below I have outlined a few things I think are important to be aware of.

1.If you go to a web-site where you are told to call a number to receive a quote, instead of receiving it online, they will most likely ask you who you have already received a quote from. Do not take this as their way of trying to provide you the best deal. This is so they know how high of an amount they can tell you and get you to still sign up with them.

2.Do not just go by word of mouth of friends or family members. The decision of insurance is a personal one. What works for them, may not be the best solution for your situation.

3.Once you have received a quote that you believe is the best you will find, make sure to go over the terms and conditions of the policy with a fine tooth comb. There could be hidden charges that would end up raising your premium in the future.

4.Many companies will offer discounts to new drivers, students, mature drivers, and other groups. Asking about discounts available can help to save you some money. Always double-check the policy and coverage terms associated with the quotes you receive before agreeing to one.

Hidden charges or inappropriate charges can have you paying a lot more than you originally wanted to. This is how most companies get the consumers locked in to spending a lot of money , so be prepared and knowledgeable of the fine print insurance companies use when determining and signing your auto insurance policy.

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