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Vintage Used Ford Trucks Built By Dodge

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Vintage Used Ford Trucks Built By Dodge

Terry S. Vostor
October 9, 2009

Terry S Vostor

To many car enthusiasts a "Ford " is a "Ford" and a "Dodge" is a "Dodge" and certainly a "Chrysler" can only be that brand of vehicle and product. Simple as that. Yet it amazes many and many vintage automotive and truck SUV enthusiasts to discover that the first Model T Ford motor products were built not by Ford , but by the "Dodge Brothers' whose company and automotive firm became the basis of the Chrysler auto and truck industrial empire.

The Ford classic Model T was an instant hit , durable on early American roads and affordable to even Henry Ford's own workers. So the brothers decided to take what they had learned and build things bigger and better. Its always about customer's needs and preferences. Auto markets evolve to fill driver's needs and market niches. In this case the truck market demanded a lighter vehicle a "light truck".

During the World War I the government approached the brothers and asked if they could supply them with over 20 thousand chassis, ambulances and half ton trucks so the military could use them they proudly agreed.

From that point everything kept evolving for the brothers; they turned the ambulance into a car by changing the design and everything they had made for the government was quickly redesigned for the market into something else such as cars and trucks.

A joint venture emerged between Dodge who would build and manufacture the auto parts and the Graham family enterprise to assemble the vehicles in their garage assembly factories. The first truck was a 1 and a ton pick-up truck and sold for approximately $1345. 00. Wow! Don't we wish it was like that now!

Obviously the history of Dodge has greatly evolved into what we have today. The accessories are endless, there are hundreds of features and the designs are changing every day. The price tag is affordable but nothing like it was back in the early 1900s. Most people remember with great fondness their first vehicle and automotive product - be it car , truck or motorcycle; Dodge parts and a Ford name.

Terry S. Vostor
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