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Volvo Specialists Makes Volvo Cars More Valuable

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Volvo Specialists Makes Volvo Cars More Valuable

Steven Magill
December 8, 2009

Steven Magill

When it comes to safety in automobiles, the name Volvo is top in mind. In more than the 50 years of its existence, Volvo cars if anything else has led the way in new advancements in safety technology. They were the first to have seat belts, anti locking brakes, and air bags- from the driver, passenger and side air bags as well. Even in their engineering, the Volvo frames were designed to cushion most automobile impacts, hence the boxed up look. In fact, they owned up to their design—which drew criticisms from car critics as being boring. Hence the famous campaign slogan of Volvo: "Volvo- Were boxy but were safe!"

Volvo is a popular car in the United Kingdom these days. It has its loyal following of customers and is gaining ground especially with the SUV market as couples with new families tend to purchase Volvo automobiles based on their safety record. These cars are not expensive for its value but it has a premium price because of the engineering and design they put into every car. If I am not mistaken, Volvo was also the first automobile to have a black box that monitors the various systems of the car and has early warning signs if things need to be checked up on.

Because of such technology, servicing your Volvo should be done by a certified Volvo Specialists. There are Volvo specialists in Bridgend that can service your car if you happen to be in the area and need some repair work. These Volvo specialists are for me, as a loyal Volvo user, one of the best in the country. In my case, I had my Volvo service after noticing an oil check signal on the dash board. Having it serviced was very easy as I brought it into the Volvo specialists; he immediately hooked up his personal computer to the black box to check if the signals were correct. While doing this, he did some sample checks to my oil using a dipstick. When the blackbox diagnostic was finished, he told me that there were no differences in the blackbox and upon seeing the dipstick; he said that I was low in oil. Right there and then I had them do an oil change to the car. It didn't take too long, maybe an hour and a half including the time spent for doing the diagnostics. The bill I paid for was reasonable and I got on my way.

That's the good thing with Volvo, as you get very good quality service with their specialists. It's a good investment that I have, this Volvo car.

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