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South Wales Motor Homes for Sale Tips for First Time Buyer

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South Wales Motor Homes for Sale Tips for First Time Buyer

Steven Magill
December 6, 2009

Steven Magill

Owning a motor home enables you to travel to different places and bring an element of home with you. For those of us who have worked hard throughout their whole lives and want to enjoy their retirement by going to places at their own pace, enjoying the sights and sounds of unfamiliar territory and doing it at an affordable rate, you should purchase a motor home. Motor homes have all the modern conveniences that any hotel and apartment offers. You have comfortable beddings, showers and bath, plus you can save money by also doing your own cooking right there and then. There are a lot motor homes for sale, especially in South Wales. These South Wales motor homes for sale come in different varieties and price packages. You can purchase brand new or slightly used motor homes that fit your budget.

For a first time purchaser it would be wise to consider the following things:

- Do you research on motor homes. The internet is a very good resource for finding information about motor homes. Do you want a new motor home or a slightly used one? Is there a place where you can go nearby to see some of these motor homes? Are there any financing packages available for motor homes? There are lots of motor home retailing companies online that may be near your place. Contact them and inquire and see if you can visit them and look at the different models. Most of these companies also do in house financing for such motor homes provided that these motor homes are less than 10 years old.

- Have a budget ready for your motor home. If you can afford a new motor home, then purchase one. These motor homes are less likely to have any maintenance problems than a used one. Also the warranties of such new motor homes are new and if there are any problems, then you can easily go to the manufacturer to have them fix. If your budget is limited, then look for financing options or think about buying slightly used motor homes. For slightly used motor homes, try to find out who the previous owners were. If the owner was using the home as a portable and mobile office, it is more likely that the home was not greatly used as well.

- Try out the home. Give it a test run and make sure you are given the details on how to operate the gas, water and sanitation lines of the motor home. These are very important things to know when buying a motor home, especially in South Wales

New Motorhomes Bridgend: Cut Down on Accommodation Expense

Thinking of buying a new motorhome in bridgend? Motor homes are now being considered by businesses that involve a lot of traveling as a mobile office. These purchases are tax deductible and can be listed as an office expense. The savings from doing so will come in the form of less representational expenses for hotel and accommodation charges. Furthermore, there are several models of new motorhomes in bridgend that may match your necessary requirements:

- The Fiat Ducato Swift Kontiki 669 which sells for under 75,000 pounds is a sporty yet luxurious motorhome. This motorhome comes with a 120 liter fresh water tank, air-conditioning, a 10 inch LCD colour TV that is integrated to the sound system and DVD, a dual fuel hob with 800 watt electric hotplate and 3 gas burners with electronic ignition and flame protection, a swivel cassette toilet with its own independent tank and electric flush, and has LED task lighting that saves 70% of lighting power, Included too are the central and remote locking systems and a 175 litre fridge or freezer that energy selects automatically. The Kontiki 649 model which is cheaper by 5000 pounds also have satellite navigation but without the sky view panoramic opening roof window of the former.

- For those who want a brand new motor home found in bridgend costing less than 50,000 pounds, there are two models that may be within your range. The Ford Transit Hobby 650AK is a throwback to the old school, classically designed motor home with the modern amenities this day and age provides. It has its shower and thethford swiveling cassette toilet with electric flush and outside vent, showers, swiveling driver and passenger seats, high quality foam mattresses to name a few of the amenities. The Peugot Boxer Broadway EL 130 PS has a reversing camera, a low profile roof line for extra storage space and better aerodynamics, LED lighting system, a 78 liter inboard fresh water tank and a 53 liter waste water tank, 3M thinsulate insulation to help keep the motor home warm or cool but also reducing external noise, innovative swing out shower compartments, a large roof light, and an electric flush toilet.

These brand new motor homes found in Bridgend are just but some of the models that you can use for your business. Financing options are always available. It is best for you to talk to your accountant and financial advisors to check the practicality of having a mobile office but I have a feeling that it is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Steve has been writing for 4 years now particularly on topics of diet, wellness, and fitness. You can check out his other sites on motorhomes in South Wales
These are one of the best you can find in and around the area

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