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Inaugural JJ Awards

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Inaugural JJ Awards

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
December 12, 2009

Live, from behind the bar at Jerm's Joint Racing Pub, Brewery, and Winery; it's the first ever JJ awards! Now, to introduce the inaugural winners, here's Jerm!


"Thank you very much, it's an honor to be here in my own bar, fabricating a true tongue-in-cheek look back at the 2009 NASCAR season. Without further adieu, this is my list of awards and their recipients:"

1. The "I'll kick your ass! No, I'll kick YOUR ass!" award goes to Brad Keselowsi and Denny Hamlin for bringing back the old school rivalry fans have been missing.

2. "Best Daisy Chain at 185 mph" goes to the enire field at the November Talladega Race.

3. "Actor of the year"...this was a tough one that came down between Dave Blaney and Joe Nemechek. After all, who else could come up with SO many excuses to park a car a few laps into a race?

4. "Cal Naughton Award" has to be Mark Martin, AGAIN for coming in second in the point standings. He truly deserved the trophy.

5. "Maybe This Week Award" hands down goes to the Dale Jr. fans, like myself, who always held that false sense of optimism week after week.

6. "Better Late Than Never" goes to Mike Helton for admitting NASCAR had become "too sterile and that's not good for the sport" after the conclusion of the race at Homestead.

7. "WTF" goes to Daytona International Speedway for tearing down almost a quarter of the Superstretch Grandstands to put in an amusement park.

8. In the same breath, "Hell Yeah Award" goes to Daytona International Speedway for moving the start time for the 2010 500 up to 1:00 PM. It may not look like it on TV folks, but trust me, it's been cold the last couple seasons, especially finishing at night.

9. "Hey Kid, Break A Leg Award" goes to Carl Edwards, for, well, breaking a leg.

10. Last, but certainly not least, the "Na Nanny Boo Boo Award" was earned by Stewart/Haas Racing for definitely proving the nay-sayers wrong and having one hell of an inaugural season under Tony Stewart's ownership.

...thanks for coming, and we look forward to seeing you all back here in 2010, goodnight!"

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