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Tips On Choosing Car Transport Services!

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Tips On Choosing Car Transport Services!

Mark Etinger
December 23, 2009

Mark Etinger

This is one of the rather new ways to transport your vehicles, and also one of the coolest ways as well! These auto shipping companies will quite literally pick your car or vehicle up in any location and deliver it to another location - it's completely safe, its cost efficient, and it's a great convenience to you, especially if you are moving to another side of the country, or you are moving to another country altogether! There are, however, a few tips you should be aware of when it comes to auto car transport. It doesn't matter if you are doing an auto transport Florida, or an auto transport Hawaii, it's best to try and follow some main guidelines to now only keep you safe, but to keep your car as safe as possible as well.

- All auto shipping companies should do an inspection before they pick the car up and after they deliver it. This is going to document any pre-existing conditions of your car such as dents, bumps and scratches, but it will also note the mileage and gas on the car before its loaded onto the truck and after it reaches its centralized location. It's important that YOU read this report and make sure everything is honest and correct. These reports are taken so that if anything does happen to your car, they can and will send in a payment or reimbursement for the damages done.

That shouldn't scare you. This is simply a safety precaution. It's like wearing a bike helmet - just because you have one on doesn't mean you ARE going to get hit by a car! It's simply to keep you safe. By the way when looking for a company to work with, be sure you take note on where they pick up and where they deliver. So if you are in Canada and you are moving to Florida, make sure they are do auto transport Florida!

- Be honest with the car transport services about any and all items you may have in the car - have it be the actual car or the trunk. Each truck is going to be weighed for each state they cross, and they could be charged fines if the truck is heavier than it should be. If possible, remove all the items ahead of time so that you don't cause any problems for the truck company and driver!

- Be sure to ALWAYS read the fine fine fine print on ANY contract before you sign it. I don't care if it's to Santa Claus or for something like this. It's important that you know your rights, you know the rules, and you understand the fee structure as well as any other information on the contract. If you don't understand something -- ask them! Remember they are here to help you, so if there is something you don't understand, let them know and I'm sure they will be more than happy to explain it to you!

Lastly, be sure to always research ANY company you deal with - it doesn't matter if it's an online service or an offline service. It doesn't matter if it's an auto transporting company or something completely different. By checking on websites that offer reviews you can find a lot out about auto shipping companies or auto car transport companies. Snoop around - you are trusting them with your vehicle! Also, make sure they are members of the Better Business Bureau and that they are licensed, insured and bonded!

http://www.ABCAutoTransport.com is an auto transport Florida service that caters to clients all over the country, even Canada and Hawaii! Our drivers perform car transport services in 10-car carriers, available both open and closed, with door-to-door delivery.

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