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The Beginners Guide On How to Build the Perfect Car Audio System

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The Beginners Guide On How to Build the Perfect Car Audio System

Mark Etinger
December 24, 2009

Mark Etinger

The "perfect" car audio system, doesn't always have to be the most expensive one. In fact, it's simply one that meets your needs and includes all the stuff you want - or, can afford to want. There are a few basic facets you need to consider when it comes to your car audio system because it includes a few basic components. First off you should consider the source - this is essentially the most important part of the car audio unit. You need to first get a good head unit from a manufacture - this doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a top brand name that everyone knows about.

Also, look for a guarantee and avert companies that tell you "we're the best in the business". Chances are someone else is the best too and they are probably cheaper than the initial business is. Be sure to always look around at different stores. Usually I like to keep a few different tabs open to compare prices, and if one out-beats the other one, that's the one I'll go with. Common sense. If you don't have a lot of money to waste - forget about visuals and all the colorful displays that are available on the market right now. Simply get a head that performs well, got good reviews, and will have a long lasting value.

I've had some head units that were MORE than I could afford and they lasted me for a year tops. Then, I've also bought on a budget, and these head units lasted for a MUCH longer time. You can also get mobile video as well - this is a back seat product as well as passenger dash that allows people to watch videos and movies, television and even play video games. The second component is the speakers and I find this to be the second most important part of the system! You have several different options available when it comes to sizes, power, shapes and quality. Never buy a speaker system by depending on the power rating such as Peak Power, Max Power, PMPO, etc. Instead, make sure you follow the Root Mean Square rating (RMS). This is going to be the equivalent of the actual power of the speakers. Nothing else matters, JUST the RMS rating. Next on the list is amplifiers, these are going to multiply the signals from the head unit and send a powerful and much more quality signal through the speakers in turn the amplifiers make the system sound better so this is definitely not something you want to skimp out on!

It's important to remember that sub woofers will demand the most power out of your amps - more power should go to yoursub woofers than the compounded power to your other speakers. Obviously for ALL these components you are going to need a powerful power supply cord as a fundamental part of any car audio system. Most of the time you can get away with a 12V DC, if you find that the car audio company you bought from includes a lower Voltage - you simply need to buy a different DC plug for your system - especially important if you have even more gadgets than the ones we listed here.

A lot of people really like putting their own systems together. Firstly, it allows you to really learn ALL you can about a car. How it's made, how it works, how to install stuff, it's like one giant puzzle. Second off, there is a lot of pride in installing your own car audio components. It's just a nice boost of confidence, it doesn't matter if you are installing mobile video or car audio, I can guarantee that if you do it on your own you are going to feel much better about the situation and the time and money you spent on it!

At http://www.PyleAudio.com you can find state-of-the-art car audio, car stereo equipment and mobile video that will make your car go bling bling.

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