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Auto Insurance News- Green Vehicles Will Drop Your Auto Insurance Rates

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Auto Insurance News- Green Vehicles Will Drop Your Auto Insurance Rates

Jay Leo
December 26, 2009

Jay Leo

With the ever-increasing gasoline prices, the release of the 2009 hybrid vehicles have been highly anticipated. 2009 was estimated to be the year for hybrid cars, but what auto makers thought did not happen.

There are some great new hybrids on the market with many more releases right around the bend for this new type of vehicle. Many vehicle companies told of the release of hybrid models that did not come to light.

Many new cars on the market are only half hybrids and don't do the name hybrid true justice. Some of the models on the market can help you save up to twice the amount in gasoline, such as the Saturn Vue.

Many individuals were looking forward to the release of these vehicles in hopes of saving money on gas and on the benefits that were heard to happen from automotive insurance companies. When some individuals bought these "half" hybrid models they found that neither was true for them.

In order to receive the benefits on your auto insurance policy, the vehicle you bought must be a true hybrid. The most exciting revelations are still to come by the end of 2009 through 2010.

Honda will be releasing their Honda Insight Hybrid, which could also cost less than the Toyota Prius due to it being more compact in size. The hybrid competition will continue to grow and Toyota is currently doing fleet tests on a hybrid-electronic vehicle model of the Prius.

This would require plug-in. Many auto industry experts figure this model to hit the market in late 2009 for commercial customers and 2010 or longer for the rest of us. Many are eagerly awaiting the release of the Chevy Volt. Recently the final design was unveiled and although it is not a flashy looking car, it has not deterred the popularity that has risen for this new model.

It is set to release towards the end of 2010. It will allow owners to plug in the car and charge it and the charge will last for 40 miles. This is utilizing a standard household outlet.

This car could save a lot on gas as many owners would only need to use gasoline when taking extended trips. The discounts that these types of vehicles can have on your automotive insurance will vary depending on automotive insurance company, but the benefits will be there.

Checking out different insurance companies for quotes on hybrids is the best way to make sure you receive the maximum discounts offered.

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