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Ford Mustang Overview

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Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Overview

Ryan Pinney
October 8, 2009

The Ford Mustang, originally released in 1964, has come to us in many different variations throughout its 45+ years in existence. I’m writing this article because I am an avid Mustang fan, with hours of research under my belt. A lot of people love the Mustang, and decide they want to buy an older model. I can help you decide which Mustang is right for you and why.

There have been 5 generations of Mustangs released to this day. The first generation, released in 1964, came to us as a 2-door 2+2 seat coupe, a 2-door hatchback, or a 2-door convertible. The sleek looks became quite popular and it became a big hit. It is definitely an antique that any collector would be ecstatic to own. However, very few original products are flawless. The first generation of Mustangs were built very heavy, and brought along with it fuel-inefficiency. During the 70s this was frowned upon, which brought the second generation into the picture.

The second generation, released in 1974, was lighter than the first generation, resulting in better fuel-efficiency. This model was not quite as popular as the first, and was criticized for its poor performance. A V8 option was then made available in 1975,

In 1979 came the third generation Mustang. These are some of the most common Mustang’s seen on the street today, in production for nearly 15 years. The interior finally makes room for four people, a major complaint of previous models. Third generation Mustang’s don’t hold quite the same value as the previous models, because of their accessibility.

The mustang finally got a facelift in 1994 when it was given new interior and exterior style, bringing about the fourth generation of the car. The ’94 Mustang was originally built with 145hp and a 5-speed manual transmission. All of the options included a V8 engine, but the ’96 version was updated with a newer engine; A Mustang after ’96 will put out some serious power.

The fifth generation Mustang was released in 1995, and is the Mustang that we know and love today. The design looks like a revamped version of the Mustangs originally released in the 1960s. The new Mustang is a perfect fit for those who want to experience the old look without the risk of driving their past generation Mustang.

For those looking to buy a Mustang, you really can’t go wrong with any of the generations; they are all great. My personal favorite is the fourth generation Mustang. They feel quite modern because of the smooth power they are able put out. Not to mention, it can be hard, or near impossible, to find Mustang parts anywhere for models before the fourth generation. If you are looking for a Mustang you can drive on a daily basis, definitely get one made later than 1994. If not, the classics make a great project and collectors item. Source: Amazines.com

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