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What Makes the Ford Fusion Hybrid So Good?

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What Makes the Ford Fusion Hybrid So Good?

Levi Quinn
August 19, 2010

Levi Quinn

With so many hybrid vehicles suddenly popping up all over the world there is definitely a lot of competition in the market. However, deciding which make and model is the best is generally a personal opinion because it comes down on the need of each person from their vehicle. While many of the leading auto manufacturers in the world are developing and producing a variety of hybrid vehicles, many people think that the Ford Motor Company may be leading the way. If you really want to know if the Ford hybrid is the best available, it would be a good idea to do some research on the cars and test drive one as well. Reading as many reviews as you can get your hands on will also help.

On Jan. 11, 2010, the Fusion Hybrid received the 2010 North American Car of the Year award at the recent version of the auto show held in Detroit. A group of 49 automotive journalists from North America sat on a panel and selected the winners after judging the cars on a variety of factors. These include innovation, safety, design, handling, value, and driver satisfaction. These Hybrids have set a record for winning the award five times in total.

The Ford Fusion set a brand new bar by raising the hybrid technology up to a higher level. The vehicle combines a sophisticated and seamless hybrid powertrain with an exceptional Fusion platform that is entrenched firmly in the centre of the auto world's mainstream market, and it resulted in a winning venture. Most reports state that the car is exciting to drive. It is very refined all around, including its braking and handling along with its convenience and comfort. However, the Ford Fusion has sold a lot less cars than the Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid.

USA Today newspaper stated that "the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the best gasoline-electric hybrid yet." A popular website -- Cars.com -- also praised it by saying that the car "is a significant step forward for the technology, particularly for family sedans". And the popular magazine -- Car and Driver were quoted as saying - "the Ford Fusion Hybrid "wipes the floor with the Toyota Camry Hybrid."

At this point in time, the Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima Hybrid, and Toyota Camry Hybrid are the top three hybrid vehicles when it comes to the medium-size family sedan models. The Fusion Hybrid can drive 41 city and 36 highway miles per gallon. The Camry Hybrid can get 33 and 34 miles. The Altima Hybrid can go 35 and 33 miles per gallon. According to most experts, the Fusion Hybrid also transfers from gasoline to electric very smoothly.

The Fusion and the Mercury Milan Hybrids are the first cars to utilize the company's second-generation system for hybrids. The new system reportedly supplies a tighter combination of power delivery and engine operation. These are some of the things that make Ford one of the leading companies on the planet when it comes to hybrid technology. However, there is only one way to decide if their products are for you, and that is to try one out for yourself.

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