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Picking Out Your Next Car

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Picking Out Your Next Car

Kirsten Hendrich
October 8, 2010

Kirsten Hendrich

Deciding what car to buy next can be quite a big and mind bending experience. There are so many cars out there, for all budgets and needs, so where do you start?! Having a good think about what you will use your car for will start to give you a good idea of what you need. So many people get caught up in what they want, they neglect to consider what they actually need and what car will really suit their day to day driving. It's also worth considering how much you have to spend at this stage. Not only are some cars expensive to buy, the cost of servicing and repairing cars can vary quite a lot so try to have a good idea of budget before you start looking.


This will obviously play quite a large part of deciding what car you are going to purchase. You shouldn't be too put off however if your budget isn't huge. There are always used cars available and some models are surprisingly cheap to buy. When searching for used cars, try to compare age/mileage/general condition of the cars in question as you will find that with some cars you can get a lot more for your money. Once you start to narrow your list down, call round a few garages to compare costs of servicing and common repairs; this will give you a good idea of how much your new car could cost to run in the long term.

Fuel Economy

In times of recession, how economical a car is will be a huge sticking point for many would be buyers. With the cost of fuel rising, the miles per gallon number is possibly one of the most crucial aspects to think about. Diesel cars are also becoming extremely popular. Although diesel is more expensive at the pump, it will get you further and is of great benefit to motorists who cover large motorway miles on a regular basis. If all you need is a small runner for trips to the shops and school runs, it's probably best to go for a small petrol engine car that runs economically on short trips around town.


How much you can fit into a car still plays a big role in deciding your next vehicle. There's not much point in getting a car that's too small to fit anything into; and at the same time it's not very useful having a huge 4x4 if all you ever carry around is yourself. Again, this goes back to thinking carefully about what you need a car for. Estate cars are always a popular option for family cars as you can fit everyone in plus the luggage, yet still have a car that's not too big and heavy. Similarly, if you need to transport equipment or tools, storage space will be an important thing to think about.

The idea is to buy a car that you need, not just the vehicle of your dreams!

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