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The Value Of A Rental Car

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The Value Of A Rental Car

Levi Quinn
December 31, 2010

Levi Quinn

When driving hundreds of miles for a vacation or business trip the last thing anyone wants to do is either put miles on their new car or depend on an unreliable beater. The more miles a car has the less it is worth, and the more unreliable it is the safer it would be to choose an alternate form of transportation. Enter the rental car. A rental car is a great option for long road trips, as you can put as many miles on them as you would like without having to sacrifice the worth of your personal vehicle.

Rental agencies across the world offer cars to people who are travelling or who may not have a car of their own. When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to do is try and figure out the local public transportation system. That will take up all of your time! If all you would like to see is the bus, train, subway, or trolley route, then go for it. But if you wish to observe more of your destination than the back of someone else's head, a rental car is the only way to truly experience the city with the freedom to come and go as you please.

Public transportation runs on a set (or not so set) schedule. When you go on vacation and do not have a car of your own, a large chunk of your time may be spent waiting for your next ride. To avoid the hassle that public transportation presents, rent a car and allow yourself to enjoy your vacation on your own time.

One major worry that people have about renting cars is insurance. What if something should happen to the car? What would you do if it were stolen, wrecked, or otherwise damaged? Due to the amount of liability that borrowing a car can present, rental agencies offer the option of insuring the car against any damages of this kind. In fact, the option to purchase insurance coverage for the time the car is in your possession is relatively inexpensive and covers a surprisingly comprehensive amount of circumstances. This being said, investing in a rental car can truly be the best way to get around while on vacation. Another perk, which may seem trivial but is worth mentioning, is that you will get to drive a new car. Maybe not new per say, but new to you and certainly in a close to new condition. People who love driving are always looking for opportunities to drive new, exciting vehicles. With car rentals, you can choose to drive anything from a minivan or SUV to a Lamborghini or Ferrari. The list of available rental cars is definitely a perk for any car enthusiast.

When you plan your next vacation or are preparing to book your next flight, stop for a second and think about the option of renting a car. Not only will it be a better way to see the country while you get to your destination, it will offer you the opportunity to drive a car that you have dreamed of.

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