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Loading a Dump Truck: 9 Important Steps To Follow

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Loading a Dump Truck: 9 Important Steps To Follow

Patricia Strasser
January 22, 2011

Patricia Strasser

The design of the dump truck allows it to carry and dump heavy loads of different materials. The contents are loaded into a dump truck by a hydraulic loader tractor with a bucket. Hydraulic components in the tractor called wet kits aid it in performing the tractor's duties. To load a dump truck correctly, follow these easy steps:

Maneuver the vehicle on a level surface

Dump trucks must be stationed on level grounds. The parking brake should be engaged once a suitable location has been found.

Inspect both the dump gate and the bed

Remember to check the bed of the dump truck to assure it has been completely lowered after parking. The chain and locks of the dump gate should also be double checked to make sure that they are locked and fastened securely.

Align the loader with the bucket parallel to the ground's angle

The loader has to be driven to the area where the materials to be loaded are found. The loader should be positioned in a way that the bucket is at a parallel angle to the ground.

Initiate operation of the bucket after driving the loader forward

Keep the bucket in the direction of the ground and begin driving the loader near the materials. Give the loader gas to allow it to dig into the debris that you need to load.

Fill the bucket with material

Fill the bucket with material by pulling the lever that is used for rolling its open part upward. Keep pulling until the bucket has been filled with the debris.

Elevate the bucket

Lift the bucket after filling it with material. Do this by using the bucket-lifting lever. Lift the bucket until the bottom is 3 feet above the ground.

Raise the bucket while driving the dump truck

The loader should then be driven towards the dump truck. Position the bucket relative to the center of the dump truck's bed. While you are driving towards the dump truck, begin to raise the bucket. Before reaching the side of the dump truck, slow down and stop. Elevate the bucket above the dump truck bed's wall.

Throw into the bed's center the material properly

Once the bucket is above the center line, stop the advancing loader from rolling forward. Slowly dump the materials into the truck bed. Driving forward and backward will ensure you that the material is properly dumped at the center of the bed. Repeat this step until the bed is full of the material.

Keep track of the number of bucket scoops made

The number of scoops of materials being dumped must be recorded cautiously. Make sure that you also never exceed on the appropriate axle weight limit of the truck. Do the same for the gross weight of the vehicle.

To safely transport and dump the contents of the dump truck, proper loading of a dump truck is very crucial.

For more information on wet kits that you can use for trucks, visit http://www.tomshouseofhydraulics.com/products.asp?cat=135&hierarchy=0

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