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Comparison Between HID and Halogen Spotlights

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Comparison Between HID and Halogen Spotlights

Patricia Strasser
May 20, 2010

Patricia Strasser

To get a clearer picture between HID and halogen lights, it is important to review their respective pros and cons regarding road navigation.

There are two common categories for spotlights: HID and halogen. If you want to take advantage of an optimum illumination for your vehicles, you need to take into account several things. Consider the pros and cons of each type of light before you decide which one is the best for you. Here is a comparison of the two types so you can better assess the value of each.

The difference between HID and halogen

HID, or High Intensity Discharge, is a type of lamp that emits intense, visible, white brightness by means of electric arc. On the contrary, Halogen, also known as the incandescent bulb, is a type of light emitted by heating a filament.

Each light bulb works differently

There is a great difference when it comes to the mechanisms of each light bulb. The HID utilizes electrodes and some types of gases such as Xenon or Halide found inside the bulb. In order to ignite the gas, a current is introduced to set off a spark. Conversely, the halogen light applies the basic concepts of the conduction of electricity and uses a filament. The electrical current flows from positive to negative points of contact. However, this is considered a poor conductor since more heat is required before it can produce light.

The advantages of HID and halogen lights

Every type of light has its respective pros and cons and must be carefully considered for maximum utilization. The biggest advantage of the HID as compared to the halogen spotlight is the intensity of light produced, which is several times brighter than any other lamps. HIDs are also safer to use while on the road because of the white light produced. Since the HID can produce a greater illumination, less energy is required. This makes the HID very cost effective. Its component and how it is manufactured is another factor to consider because it can tolerate much vibration due to the absence of filament. On the other hand, the main advantage of halogen spotlight is the cost. It is cheaper, which makes it more widely accessible; however, it does not last as long since the filament easily gets destroyed by the excessive heat produced by the bulb.

Weighing the costs

HID uses highly advanced technology and comes with a higher price tag attached to it. Halogen lights are for the general public who can not afford to spend more on things that are considered luxury.

Significant differences

When navigating the road, it is undeniably apparent that high intensity lights are more practical than the other headlights. Regardless of the type of vehicle and the kind of terrain, the benefits an HID can offer are well worth its cost.

Although cost makes a difference when it comes to spotlights, know that the finest quality items usually are the ones that come with a higher price. Raw materials and the technology involved in creating a HID are incomparable than any regular external structure of the vehicles.

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