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Buying a New Car? Save on Upgrades

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Buying a New Car? Save on Upgrades

Levi Quinn (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
April 21, 2011


When going to buy a car, be it new or used, you must decide what features are worth your investment. As technology steadily advances, new electronic capabilities have drastically increased the number of upgrades that are available on new models. These upgrades will cost you, though, and before you even pay a visit to a dealership you should have a pretty good idea of what stock features are a must and which ones you can do without. Fortunately, though, you don't necessarily have to do without forever. Many aftermarket upgrades can be installed into your car for a fraction of the cost! Saving money on upgrades may seem to be a bit of an oxymoron, but in reality you can get everything you want even if you are on a budget.

• Navigation. Most cars now come with the option of having a GPS system built into the dashboard, but this extra feature can run over 1,000 dollars. Portable navigation systems, which can be bought from any electronics store, run from 100 to 400 dollars or so and can be transferred from one car to another—making them more useful and allowing you to really get your money's worth. Of course there are pros to having the GPS in the dash, as the program may be more user friendly, provide information about your personal vehicle, and take up less space in the windshield, but the upgrade is much more expensive than the aftermarket version.

• Sound systems. No matter where you go, a great sound system is going to cost a pretty penny. However, purchasing extra speakers and audio capabilities through an electronics store may still be your best bet. Many new cars that are on today's market already have quality speakers built-in, but most of them are lacking MP3 connections. Electronic stores can install a new CD player—with an MP3 hookup—for a pretty decent price. This option will also probably be more user friendly than paying for a stock MP3 upgrade, as many manufacturers place the jacks in inconvenient locations.

• Premium upholstery. The smooth feel of leather may be something that you could certainly get used to, but it's also something that you could definitely live without. Paying extra for a premium interior may be beneficial if you take great care of it and sell the car a few years later, but for most people the upholstery is not that big of a concern. Instead of forking out extra money for leather seats, get the regular option and invest in great seat covers.

• Window tint. Although this is very important for many drivers, the fact is that dealerships normally only tint the windows of more expensive cars. For less than 100 dollars you can find a great window tinting shop in town without having to purchase the more expensive model.

When it comes to a new car, upgrades are fun. However, when it comes to your car payment, they can cause a bit of an issue. You don't have to do without, though, because with these tips you can slim down your car payment and still enjoy the features you love.

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