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How You Can Keep a Clean Car and Save on Maintenance

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How You Can Keep a Clean Car and Save on Maintenance

Levi Quinn (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
May 3, 2011


When people think of maintaining their car, they often think about washing the exterior and paying close attention to the mechanical needs of their vehicle; however, a well-kept interior can also help you save on repair costs. Just like the outside of an automobile, the inside needs to remain clean and well-preserved if it is to last—meaning that the better care you take of your car's interior the longer you can put off having to purchase a new one.

How can a clean interior keep your car going longer?

• By kicking the clutter out and keeping things in order, you can save your upholstery and carpets from being ruined by spilled foods or drinks, as well as protected from rips and tears caused by sharp objects (like hangers) or stains from stray pens or markers.

• Utilizing a great cleaner will not only keep dust, dirt, and other substances from building up, it can prevent them from warping, staining, and otherwise damaging your car's interior.

While a standard vacuum and dust job might be enough to keep unpleasant odors and dust bunnies at bay, you need to put a little more effort into your cleaning sessions if you really want to keep the interior of your car well-maintained. So, what should you do to ensure that your car keeps running strong from the inside out?

1. Limit the amount of food and drinks you allow in your car. These are the most dangerous when it comes to stains in the carpet and upholstery.

2. Don't smoke! Though it may be difficult for some of you smokers out there, abstaining from smoking in the car will keep the interior smelling fresh and the value of your vehicle intact. The smell of smoke is a major deterrent for non-smoking buyers, so if you plan on selling your vehicle this is important.

3. Use the right cleaners. If you have leather, do not use a cleaner for cloth; if you have microfiber, do not use a cleaner for wood; etc. Using the wrong products can warp and ruin the surfaces of your car, but the right ones can both clean them and provide a layer of protection against spills, dust, and scratches.

4. Make repairs quickly. If a stain, scratch, or dent does somehow end up on the interior of your car, do not leave it there—this can only make it worse. As soon as you detect a problem, go to the automotive store and see if there is a product or service that can fix the issue. Sometimes small scratches and scuff marks can be filled in, but they must be attended to immediately.

When you take great care of the interior of your car you can save money by avoiding costly maintenance services that would otherwise be necessary. Professional carpet cleaning and scratch repair can all be avoided with a thorough cleaning. Additionally, by paying attention to and putting limits on the foods, drinks, and other substances that are present in your car, you can prevent accidents from happening and stains and scratches from occurring in the first place.

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