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Safety Features that Save

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Safety Features that Save

Levi Quinn (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
May 3, 2011


Of course great safety features have been known to save lives—it is what they are made for—but have you ever considered the possibility that your safety features could save you money? As the automobile industry continues to develop groundbreaking technology and innovative solutions to the needs of drivers and their passengers, the safety features have gotten more and more effective when it comes to saving lives and preventing accidents. So, how can these features help your budget?

• Cars that are rated as safer and more reliable will have lower insurance rates, meaning that a vehicle with the latest safety features could save you money on your premiums (Keep in mind that just because a vehicle has great features, though, does not guarantee a lower premium, as many other factors play into the writing of an insurance policy).

• Standard safety features, like seatbelts, are the law. In many states, police officers can write you a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt or for failing to utilize other safety features, such as turn signals and proper lights on your vehicle. Additionally, if other features that are not built into a vehicle but are still required by law are not in use (such as a proper car or booster seat for a child) drivers can receive a citation and a fine.

• Other features, such as curtain and side airbags, child restraint systems, rear-end cameras, automatic lights, proximity alarms, etc., can save both lives and money by either avoiding an accident altogether or protecting passengers should a car crash occur. Some of these features are standard on many car models and some are considered an upgrade, but all of them can add value to your driving experience.

• When safety features help you prevent an accident they also help you avoid court fees, fines, and a hike in your insurance premium. All of these costs could add up very quickly—and can be avoided by properly utilizing the safety features that your vehicle has to offer.

From every perspective, both that considering the monetary gains of utilizing safety features and that of the personal benefits that come of them, these features can really add value to your driving experience while simultaneously protecting you from facing financial troubles. Many of these features can be expensive, though, if they are not standard. So how do you decide if it is worth the extra money to have them?

First, consider what they do. Take, for instance, a rear-end camera. This device is wonderful for people who live in neighborhoods with active children, as kids can easily run behind a car that is backing out of a driveway. If your car does not have a large blind spot, is low to the ground, and you do not live in a neighborhood with many children, then this feature may be a bit of an unnecessary expense; however, if you drive an SUV or van, have large blind spots, and live in a suburban neighborhood full of kids, this could be a real life-saver.

What saving with safety comes down to is knowing your car, knowing your driving capabilities, and choosing the safety features that will best keep you and your passengers safe while on the road.

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