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Why Audis Are A Popular Selection For Automotive Lease

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Why Audis Are A Popular Selection For Automotive Lease

Dirik Hameed (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
May 4, 2011


When people are deciding what car to lease, Audis are increasingly becoming the preferred choice. Audis have several features that make them a viable vehicle for cars lease and encourage people to choose an Audi lease. Audi builds its cars with superior quality in mind, paying attention to the details. Audi cars come with features such as sat-nav, leather upholstery, comfort-maintaining climate control, sleek alloy wheels and MP3-playable sound systems. Just some of the safety features that Audi has to offer include ABS, immobilisers, brake assist, multiple airbags and remote locking.

The truth of Audi's Vorsprung Durch Technik (Progress Through Technology) tagline is evident in the array of technologies developed by Audi. You can find FSI direct fuel injection technology across Audi's petrol engine range. By enhancing the engine's torque and output, this technology decreases exhaust emissions and enhances engine economy. FSI technology leads to reduced fuel consumption with enhanced performance and power. Audi's TDI technology was demonstrated to the world in the first production car diesel engine that was turbo charged and had both electronic management and direct injection. Audi has an impressive racing pedigree, having won the gruelling Le Mans 24 Hour race on several occasions. The Audi R8 sports prototype won Le Mans 5 times between 2000 and 2005, an impressive achievement by anyone's standards. The first diesel car to win Le Mans was Audi's R10 TDI in 2006. The impressive racing performance of Audi cars encourages people to consider an Audi lease as an excellent car lease deal choice.

From families to business people, everyone is catered for with Audi's variety of cars. Whatever you prioritise, from cost to comfort to safety, you'll find a car to suit your preferences. There are many cost options to be found for business and personal car lease deals, as well as contract length options to best suit your needs. If you're considering an Audi lease, why not try an Audi Experience day? There are a range of programmes available which cater to all levels of driving ability. The aim of an Audi Experience day is to learn how to control the car, how to react in dangerous situations and how to get the best out of the car's technology. Getting to test the car on a racetrack also demonstrates its power and performance.

By doing an Audi lease a business can lease a much more expensive car than they could afford to buy so a car lease deal provides them with great prestige at a reduced cost. Due to their inspiring racing appearances, great build quality and the very impressive comfort and safety qualities of their cars, Audi are a popular car to lease.

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