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How Safe Driving Can Save Your Budget

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How Safe Driving Can Save Your Budget

Levi Quinn (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
May 13, 2011


Everyone seems to be looking for new ways to save money these days, and sometimes the biggest money savers lie in places that people would not necessarily think to look. When it comes to driving, saving money is normally reflected in trying to get better gas mileage, paying less in interest on your vehicle, or skipping the professional detailing and pulling out the water bucket and hose. Though these are great ways to save, there are even more things that drivers can do to make their budgets stretch. Safe driving is of course valuable because it keeps people out of harm's way, but it can also contribute to financial savings. The ways in which it does so may not exactly be obvious, but following the rules of the road can and will save you cash.

• Drive the speed limit. Following posted speed limits will save in more ways than one. First, your car will get better gas mileage, meaning you pay less at the pump. Second, you will be less likely to get pulled over. A ticket for speeding can start at a hundred dollars and grow quickly, in addition to causing your insurance bill to rise—really putting a strain on your budget. Is that worth arriving at your destination a minute earlier?

• Prevent accidents. By practicing safe driving, you can avoid many accidents. Of course, there is no way to account for the actions of others that may result in your being involved in an accident, but should you be following the laws and driving cautiously you are much less likely to cause a crash. Should the accident be your fault, the cost of vehicle repairs and medical bills will fall on your insurance—and hike up your premium. Not to mention the fact that you will have to pay your deductible before you even benefit from that pricey premium.

• Keep bills to a minimum. The cost of a ticket or an accident can really break the bank, but what about that premium that you pay every month for car insurance? Wouldn't you like to see that monthly bill decrease? Many insurance companies have started offering safe driver discounts to individuals who do not get a ticket or cause an accident over the course of a specific length of time. Though saving a couple of dollars per month on your insurance may not seem to be that much of a money saver, those bills add up and you could save hundreds over the course of the year, depending on your coverage and your insurance company.

As people struggle to make their way in the new economy that is still emerging after the recession, it's important that they pinpoint behaviors and spending habits that will help them save some cash. Safe driving is important no matter how much you spend doing it, as the value of a life is far beyond anything money can pay for, but as a budget saver safe driving can also help you make the most of your paycheck.

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