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Maintaining Your Car's Mirrors

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Maintaining Your Car's Mirrors

Levi Quinn
June 18, 2011

Your car probably means a lot to you, right? You have most likely invested a great deal of cash (or financing) into your vehicle and try your best to keep it running as perfectly as possible. But ask yourself this: when is the last time you thought about your car's mirrors? As important safety features, your car's mirrors allow you as a driver to connect with the other vehicles on the road and maintain an accurate idea of where other automobiles are. Mirrors keep drivers and their passengers safe, keep the number of accidents lower than they could be, and allow you to confidently share the road with other drivers. This being said, you would probably agree that maintaining the integrity of your car's mirrors is an important aspect of taking care of your car. The truth is, though, most people do not think about their car's mirrors at all.

So, what can you do to fix this issue? To maintain the quality of your mirrors and ensure that when you need to see behind your vehicle you can do so easily and safely? Follow these tips and your mirrors will help you confidently drive from one location to the next:

• Make sure your mirrors are always clean. Though they may seem to be self-cleaning, thanks to rain and other forms of precipitation, you would probably be surprised by how much clearer they can be with just a spray of window cleaner and a quick wipe down. When your mirrors are dirty they can dull the image that you utilize to change lanes, merge into moving traffic, and back out of your driveway—which can lead to accidents. If you want to be sure a lane is clear before merging into it, or be certain that your neighbor's mailbox is a safe distance away before hitting the gas to reverse out of your driveway, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your mirrors.

• Check periodically to be sure that all of your mirrors are working properly. Regardless of if you have power mirrors or have to roll your window down and push, all side mirrors should be flexible to allow for comfortable use by any driver. Should they stick, fail to move at all, or move too much you should have them looked at by your trusted mechanic.

• Rearview mirrors are a must! Many drivers think that they do not need their rearview mirrors if their side mirrors are properly angled, but this just is not true. Of all of the mirrors in your car the rearview will most likely be the first to cause you trouble, as they often detach from the windshield, but you must make it a point to reattach the mirror as soon as possible. Your local auto repair shop should be able to do the trick.

Keeping your mirrors in shape is something that surely not everyone thinks about, but once you lose one or cannot utilize it properly you will definitely see a difference in how easily you can drive. Missing and malfunctioning mirrors can cause you to lose visibility on the road, so be sure that you maintain them!

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