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Hitting The Road With Your Tires Intact

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Hitting The Road With Your Tires Intact

Levi Quinn
June 18, 2011

Car maintenance is a subject that can be boring at times, of course, but it is much better to think about it now than wonder why in the world you neglected your car's basic needs (and what those even are) while broken down on the side of the interstate at the most inopportune time. Sure, talking about car maintenance is toward the bottom of everyone's preferred topics of conversation list, but with this article you can get the information you need about keeping your car's tires ready to hit the road quickly and painlessly. Just follow these simple steps and your maintenance routine will protect you against flat tires, blowouts, and endless hours on the side of the road waiting for someone to help.

• When you go to buy a new set of tires, make sure that they are appropriate for the climate in which you live and the way in which you use your vehicle. Tire manufacturers have mastered the art of tempering rubber in different ways to achieve maximum performance in different weather conditions and on different kinds of automobiles. The best way to determine which tires are best for your car is to talk to a trusted mechanic or tire retailer.

• Weigh the "new versus used" dilemma carefully. Many individuals opt for used tires simply because they are cheaper, and it is a viable option. But make sure that you get to look at the exact tires that will be put on your car before giving the green light. Some used tires can be as good as new and last quite some time, but others may be worn down and not worth the investment. Be sure that you keep in mind the fact that you will have to maintain this new set of tires and that if you buy used you will probably have to replace them sooner.

• Always inflate tires properly. Having air pressure that is too much or too little in your tires can cause them to go flat, to blow out, and to even decrease your fuel efficiency. Additionally, maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires can improve the handling of your vehicle and allow you to drive more confidently and safely.

• Avoid hitting debris in the road. Of course no one can swerve around every pothole and every piece of trash, but sometimes larger pieces of debris can find their way into your lane and, should you run over them, could cause massive damage to your tires. From large pieces of plywood to rusty old pipes, you would be amazed at what you could run over if you aren't paying attention.

• Know your car. Anytime your vehicle starts handling differently or driving funny, chances are you have an issue with your tires. Make sure that every time you feel the car pull to one side or have difficulty turning you pull over and check your tires before a flat or blowout can occur.

Maintaining your tires is one of the least time consuming aspects of car maintenance, so with a little bit of attention you can be sure to keep them road ready!

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