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Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
June 15, 2011

Well, Jr. couldn't buy a break if his life depended on it. If I had had a brick here at work, I would have thrown it through the television at the conclusion of the 600. Should he have pitted? Probably not, because he was able to at least salvage a 7th place finish. He remained steady in the points, and he does have a victory at Dover which is coming up soon. However, Kansas has not been one of his strong points.

Our favorite Keebler Elf just keeps finding himself in the media spotlight doesn't he? 128 mph in a 45 zone? Now, if that were you or I, we would have been cited for wrekcless operation and had the book thrown at us. Luckily for Kyle, it's a misdemeanor in North Carolina...and it wasn't even HIS car! I bet Lexus won't be loaning him cars to try out in the future. I don't think his apology seemed sincere to me. I watched it twice just to give him the benefit of the doubt and couldn't pull it out of me to believe he meant what he was saying. I'm sure Pastor Gibbs has already had words with him. His fellow drivers weren't too forgiving either if you happened to see those interviews as well. Seems to me, even in the garage, they're tired of Kyle Busch.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our little Memorial Day cookout and bonfire. It was a modest gathering, but fun nonetheless as we paid tribute to our nation's military by attending the parade here locally. Speaking of military, Christian is finally graduating AIT June 2nd, so Angel is out there to attend the ceremony. Congratulations kiddo.

If I ever get to hold on to some money, I'm going to brew that blackberry ale, I swear!

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