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The IIHS Gave the 2011 Saab 9-4X its Top Safety Pick Award

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The IIHS Gave the 2011 Saab 9-4X its Top Safety Pick Award

Marty Vergel Baes
July 8, 2011

Author: Marty Vergel baes

The IIHS has recently awarded the Top Safety Pick award to the 2011 Saab 9-4X after the vehicle earned good crash test ratings based on the tests where the vehicle was subjected.

This recent award was actually Saab's second for its vehicles with the 2011 model year. The 2011 Saab 9-5X has previously achieved this same award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Due to this, the Saab 9-5X was considered as one of the safest cars for new car finders.

In addition to this, the Top Safety Pick award given to the 9-5X became a good option for car finders who are looking for a vehicle with impressive safety features. Since the 2011 Saab 9-4X has recently obtained the same award for safety, this might also encourage more buyers to look for available auto financing deals and use these to finance this model.

The 9-4X won the Top Safety Pick due to its impressive crash test ratings. As a matter of fact, this model obtained the agency's "good" rating for the rear end crash tests. This result of the rear-end crash test was supported by the positive and "good" ratings that the 9-4X has received from the evaluation of its front, side, and rollover safety capabilities.

One of the good reasons why the 9-4X got the Top Safety Pick was because the platform that it is using is also the same platform used by the Cadillac SRX which also garnered the top safety award. This simply means that the platform used by the Cadillac SRX passed on its impressive safety capability to the 9-4X.

Besides these, the Saab 9-4X is also equipped with the so-called electronic stability control which serves as one of the most requirement that allows a particular car model to become one of the top safety picks.

With this impressive safety features, car buyers would surely consider the Swedish crossover which is assembled in Mexico as a good option. In addition to this, the 9-4X might also be considered as a best buy since its current market price starts at around $34, 205 with a slight increase when purchased with additional gadgets and accessories installed in it.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/cars-articles/the-iihs-gave-the-2011-saab-9-4x-its-top-safety-pick-award-4999954.html

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Marty Vergel Baes is an SEO Content Writer for three years now. He has been an expert in writing automotive related articles. Among the topics that he specializes on includes car buying guide, car maintenance tips, auto financing, and bad credit auto financing guides for http://www.carfinderservice.com/, http://aboutcar.com/ and http://www.autofinancing.net/. He is also good in conducting SEO research and article distribution with anchor texts on the body.

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