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Save Money on Car Maintenance

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Save Money on Car Maintenance

Levi Quinn
September 18, 2011

Purchasing a vehicle can be a major financial commitment—and not just because of what you're paying at the dealership. The monetary investment you make in your car doesn't end when the thing is fully paid for, as there are innumerable costs related to the maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle, costs you'll have to deal with for as long as you own the vehicle. Even if your car runs perfectly smoothly, there are preventative measures and other general upkeep procedures that have to be done—and when these things are neglected, the car quickly stops running so smoothly!

But it doesn't have to be quite such a burden. It's true that a car is always going to be a responsibility, and that putting the proper time and money into maintaining it is a vital component of that responsibility. That said, there are ways you can cut back on what you're spending on car maintenance, and still leave your vehicle in good working order.

Some of these money-saving tips might actually surprise you. For instance, this might initially seem shocking, but a lot of vehicle owners overspend on their automobiles because they simply do too much in terms of maintenance. Naturally it is best to err on the side of caution, but there is no sense in throwing away money on maintenance that isn't necessary or even particularly helpful. To give one very prominent example, many car owners actually take their cars in for oil changes far more often than is necessary. The old rule of thumb has always been to take the vehicle for an oil change every 3,000 miles or so, but a lot of more recently-manufactured automobiles can go much longer, in some cases as many as 10,000 miles, before this service is needed. The best way to figure out how often your oil needs to be changed? Simply consult your owner's manual.

Another way to save big bucks on car care is to find a local mechanic or auto repairman who you really like and trust, and try to use this service exclusively. This isn't just a matter of local vendors often offering much lower prices than dealerships, though that is frequently the case. More importantly than that, however, is that if you make sure your mechanic knows you are a loyal customer, and are always trying to generate business for him or her, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some really stellar deals.

A final tip to consider—and one that may seem a little obvious—is to simply avoid having to pay for major repair work. This may sound silly, but consider that by having routine maintenance done—and by paying relatively minor fees for check-ups on your car's most vital parts—you can ultimately avoid having to pay for expensive replacements or repairs down the road. Just by staying on top of your vehicle's repair needs, you can dramatically reduce the amount of money you have to put into keeping your automobile on the road!

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