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6 Basic Steps To Develop A Motorbike Map Bag

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6 Basic Steps To Develop A Motorbike Map Bag

Patricia Strasser
September 17, 2011

There are just six ways necessary to develop your personal motorbike bag: prepare the materials, sew the 2 vinyl sheets together, measure and also indicate the button and button hole locations, make the button hole cut, sew the button hole edges and button into place, and finally, slip the map within the motorcycle bag.

Maps are certainly essential to carry along on journeys since they provide you with the directions you require. Nonetheless, they can simply get unclean and also ruined, particularly when you are on the open road on your own motorcycle. To maintain the reliability of your map and be sure that you not only have the correct guidelines but are also able to use your map at some point, you have to keep your maps inside vinyl envelopes or perhaps map bags. This information will guide you through the ways to make a map bag for your personal map.

Get ready the materials

The very first thing that you should do to make a map bag is get the important supplies. They include thread, a needle, 2 items of 15-inch-square vinyl, two scissors, a 1/2 diameter button, a map, a pen, and a measuring tape.

Stitch 2 vinyl sheets jointly

Take your needle as well as thread and stitch the 2 bits of vinyl together. Stitch only three sides, which will create a square-shape envelope, fifteen inches in dimension.

Measure and also mark button and button opening areas

With the aid of the measuring tape, measure 7½ inches from the open edge of the envelope to the middle and tag this spot using the pen. Next, estimate and also mark again 1½ inches along the 7½ inch line from the open edge to the marked area you just created. This will be the location where the button will close.

Make the button opening cut

On the mark you just created which was 1½ inches from the border, cut a button opening which is a half-inch in length. Make use of the scissors to get this done.

Stitch button hole sides and button into place

With your needle and also thread, sew the edges of the button opening to halt them from unraveling. After that, stitch the button into place through placing one of your fingers within the envelope and beneath the button hole.

Slip map inside of motorbike bag

Fold the map and also place it in the vinyl envelope. After that put the button over the button hole to help keep the map protected within the envelope. Because your brand new motorbike map bag built from vinyl envelope is now complete, you can now place this in your motorcycle's glove or perhaps helmet compartment.

When doing a sewing task, especially involving the usage of razor-sharp needles, be watchful and also vigilant. In case you don't focus on what you're doing, you might simply prick yourself. You could also use thimble to give your fingers additional protection.

Written by Patricia Strasser. If you'd like to find out more about vinyl envelopes, take a look at http://www.dominoplastics.com/vinyl-envelopes

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