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Fleet And Personal Car Reviews-An Unbiased Review Of The Nissan Juke 1.5 Acenta

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Fleet And Personal Car Reviews-An Unbiased Review Of The Nissan Juke 1.5 Acenta

Jackie De Burca
June 3, 2011

The new Nissan Juke is sure to turn heads everywhere it goes. Its aggressive styling along with the detailed interior, superb handling and competitive price makes it a compelling choice in the mini crossover category. Suspension is firm but the space at the back is a bit small, suitable only for children. For the environmentally-conscious, emissions and gas consumption are average for its class.

The company is known for showcasing cars that are innovative without losing the common touch. In 2007, Nissan announced the Qashqai, a 4x4 that's fun to drive yet manages to be small enough and family-friendly. The company is looking to duplicate the Qashqai's market achievements with the Nissan Juke, this time in the compact cars segment.

The Juke has an unusually bold design that will leave a lasting impression on onlookers as it zips by. This crossover vehicle has an elevated seat similar to 4x4s but its footprint is like that of a compact sedan. Just looking at the upper half of the car, you would think it was a successor to the 370Z instead of the X-Trail.

There are several engine variants to choose from: 1.6L gas engine with normal aspiration or turbocharged with 190bhp and a 1.5-1.6L diesel engine with 110bhp. The performance of the 1.5 dCi Acenta is not bad, generating 117lb-ft of torque. Together with its manual gearbox with 6 speeds available, the Nissan Juke gives you reassuring responsiveness while driving.

As for its green credentials, the car puts out 134g/km of carbon dioxide emissions. In terms of the BIK tax bracket, this places it at 18% for this year. Although it's lower than the Qashqai with a similar engine, the improvement is a little underwhelming at just 3g/km given the lighter body.

The Nissan Juke may appear big but its road-handling is superb, so its very easy to maneuver wherever you need it to go in the heat of the rush hour. The last gear is quite comfortable, too, and you'll be able to squeeze out 50miles out of every gallon or more on the highway.

Expectations are high for the Juke, with the company projecting sales to eclipse other models like the Micra. Perhaps they are betting that consumers will want to drive a car that has more personality and individuality that reflects their own. The car certainly has that eye-catching appeal, and with decent gas consumption as well as maneuverability, it has the makings of a very successful model, indeed.

The Nissan Juke was made with a specific audience in mind. While its attention-grabbing looks might divide consumers, there is no denying that compared to other models in the same segment; it is a winner in terms of cost of ownership and slick handling on the road. With the Juke, the company is sure to make many owners happy and expand their fan-base. The fleet insurance experts on our review team give it the thumbs up.

Jackie and her team reviews the Nissan Juke 1.5, without bias for both fleet and personal car buyers. She writes for the blog of UK motor fleet insurance company, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, who have been serving insurance customers for over 60 years.

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