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A Few Tips For Lowering Emissions and Passing Smog

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A Few Tips For Lowering Emissions and Passing Smog

Ben Mester
September 12, 2011

If you reside in certain areas of the country, vehicle emissions and smog can be a big deal. Every couple of years a smog test is required and if a car fails, it can cost thousands in repairs and hassle to resolve the issue. Unfortunately for the vehicle owner, there are many different malfunctions that can go wrong that can cause a vehicle to fail, and it's up to the owner to figure out what the issue or problems are and to fix them. If you are having trouble passing a smog test, or if you're just interested in reducing the exhaust of your vehicle, there are a few things you can do. But it's first important to understand a little bit about how the car functions , so you can understand the exhaust that comes out of it.

A vehicle utilizes two things for fuel. Apart from gas , a car needs a lot of oxygen for the combustion process. It also requires a spark for each combusion instance and proper timing for everything to ignite at the right time. When an engine is running, gas along with a certain amount of oxygen are pushed into the combustion chamber of the engine and then compressed and ignited. This ignition produces heat and energy and in addition, sends the pistons firing, producing kinetic energy that causes motion. The fuel is allowed a certain amount of time to burn up , and then is forced out of the combustion chamber and into the exhaust manifold . If all the components are working correctly , the fuel mixture should be completely burned up and there should be very few residual emissions.

But a few various things can go wrong that can cause excess emissions to come out of the exhaust. The two biggest issues that can happen are poor fuel mixture, and additional compounds entering the fuel. Let's talk about the second one first. Additional compounds in the fuel mixture is generally oil from worn out rubber seals. The rubber seals in your engine that separate the lubricants from the gasoline wear out after awhile and begin letting oil into the combustion chamber. This causes the oil to burn up during ignition and to be forced out through the exhaust manifold . If your vehicle is burning oil, one solution that you can try is to buy engine oil stop leak that will soften the rubber and recondition the seals to get them back to a better state of function.

Second if your fuel mixture is poor , then it is either lacking in oxygen or gasoline. If it is lacking oxygen, then it might just be that your air filter is dirty and could use replacing. But more typically , the gas is the part that is lacking in the fuel mixture. This can arise due to partially blocked fuel injectors, a partially blocked fuel filter, a partially blocked fuel pump, and a variety of other factors. It may be a good idea to use fuel injection cleaner a couple weeks before the smog test or to change your fuel filter to help to overcome some of those issues with your gasoline ratio. Hopefully those simple fixes will help your vehicle start performing optimally and will help you get your vehicle's emissions down.

If you are having problems with your car and your smog test and are interested in reading more about engine oil stop leak as a possible solution, check out:

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