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Stone Brothers Racing
May 11, 2009

Ford’s official V8 Supercar Championship Series teams, Ford Performance Racing and Stone Brothers Racing, are pooling resources in a bid to create the perfect race car.

Shane Van Gisbergen will tomorrow test the Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon at Winton Motor Raceway and Mark Winterbottom was last week at SBR’s Queensland HQ for a seat fitting before testing this Thursday.

The teams plan is to combine each other's advantages and gather data on set-up alternatives.

Tim Edwards
FPR Team Principal

“It’s quite unusual for teams to do this because we’re all so protective of everything we’re doing but both Ross and myself have discussed it and believe there’s benefits for both parties. SBR’s approach is different to ours but we’re all going around the same track so I’m sure we’ll find common ground.

“There are plenty of other teams sharing data and resources for the common good and really we’re just taking that one step further. We knew, when our relationship with Ford changed this year, it would take a bit of time to understand each other and what each party could contribute. This is probably the most significant step that’s taken place since then.”

Mark Winterbottom
Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon

“It was interesting to get back up and see the old factory; that was where I started my V8 career.

“Until you actually drive the car it’s hard to tell whether it’s better or not because driving styles are so different but the SBR cars seem to power down very well by the look of it. Little things might be able to improve handling; I might be able to find something that I like and any little advantage would make this worthwhile.”

Shane Van Gisbergen
SP Tools Racing FG Falcon

"It will be kind of like the endurance races, where you are watching someone drive around in your own car it just doesn't feel right! But all the same I hope he gets the best out of it and sets a good time; hopefully not to good though!

"When I’m around the FPR cars on the circuit you can see their cars work very differently to how our ones do so it will be exciting to see what Mark thinks of the SBR FGs.

"Speed; that's the one thing we are all searching for at the moment. Both our teams’ cars are not too bad this year but the 888 cars just seem to have that little bit more on us. I think with us both trying out each others cars, seeing how everything works we can take all the positives, put them all together and come up with a better package overall for both teams."

Ross Stone
SBR Team Principal

“I think it’s fair to say FPR and SBR have two very different set-up packages. We ran Winterbottom in the Konica Series back in 2003 and won the Championship with him so it will be interesting to see what Mark thinks of how the SBR cars have evolved since then.

“Being that SBR and FPR are the only two official Ford sponsored teams I think this test exchange is a perfect fit to keep us working hard to get the results that we both expect.

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