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Article Index 1879-1899

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Article Index 1879-1899

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1853 - 1879 - 1894 - 1895 - 1897 - 1898 - 1899

1853Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
5 January 1853An Air-Line in Broadway.The New York Times
1879Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
3 March 1879THE WISCONSIN STEAM ROAD WAGON.Milwaukee Sentinel
1894Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
18 February 1894HORSELESS CARRIAGES.The Herald
2 September 1894CASIMIR-PERIER AT HOMEThe New York Times
23 December 1894HER POINT OF VIEW.The New York Times
24 December 1894THE ELECTRIC CARRIAGE.The Evening Dispatch
1895Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
14 June 1895Race of Carriages Without Horses.The New York Times
17 June 1895WAGONS TO BE RUN BY GASThe New York Times
16 July 1895PLOTTING AGAINST HORSESThe New York Times
22 September 1895THE HORSELESS CARRIAGE.The New York Times
22 October 1895A RACE FOR MOTOCYCLESThe New York Times
10 November 1895TO RUN WITHOUT HORSESThe New York Times
1896Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
August 1896Automotive News Briefs: August 1896The New York Times
November 1896Automotive News Briefs: November 1896The Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
17 November 1896AGRICULTURISTS AND THE SPEED OF AUTOMOTORS.The Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
17 November 1896LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL AND MOTORS., THEThe Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
17 November 1896New Motor-Car Regulations, TheThe Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
17 November 1896Types of Horseless Vehicles The Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
1897Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
6 May 1897TOPICS OF THE TIMES.The New York Times
September 1897Automotive News Briefs: September 1897The New York Times
6 November 1897The Horseless Carriage.Pullman Herald
1898Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
3 August 1898Daimler Manufacturing Company.The New York Times
1899Article NameAgency/Author/Speaker
5 April 1899Shall Vehicle Motormen be Licensed?The Horseless Age
5 April 1899“Showing Off”The Horseless Age
5 May 1899Chicago Automobile Plans.The New York Times
25 May 1899Auto-Car Wins a Race in France.The New York Times
5 June 1899THIRTY-SIX MILES AN HOUR.The New York Times
8 June 1899AUTOMOBILE CLUB FORMED.The New York Times
21 June 1899New York Automobile Club Formed.The New York Times
July 1899Automotive News Briefs:  July 1899The New York Times
16 August 1899Automobile Club of America.The New York Times
28 September 1899Big Automobile Concern.The New York Times
20 December 1899AUTOMOBILE CLUB CHALLENGE.The New York Times

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