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Article Index 1920

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Article Index 1920

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JanuaryArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Sunday, 4 January 1920
4 January 1920ECONOMY IN HIGHWAY TRANSPORTRoy D. Chapin, The New York Times
Thursday, 8 January 1920
8 January 1920Automotive News Briefs: 8 January 1920The New York Times
Friday, 9 January 1920
9 January 1920CLEVELAND AUTO PLAN.The New York Times
Sunday, 11 January 1920
Thursday, 15 January 1920
15 January 1920FOUR AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS OCCURThe Urbana Daily Courier
Wednesday, 21 January 1920
21 January 1920DOBBINS' AUTOMOBILE FOUND AT BEMENTThe Urbana Daily Courier
Friday, 23 January 1920
23 January 1920AUTOMOBILES ARE DAMAGED IN CRASHThe Urbana Daily Courier
Wednesday, 28 January 1920
28 January 1920TWO CROSSING WRECKS OCCURThe Urbana Daily Courier
FebruaryArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Sunday, 29 February 1920
29 February 1920MURPHY, A NOVICE, WINS $10,000 RACEThe New York Times
MarchArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
AprilArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Monday, 4 April 1920
4 April 1920TEN ENTRIES TO DATE.The New York Times
MayArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Thursday, 6 May 1920
6 May 1920JOHNSON WINS TWO BOUTSThe New York Times
JuneArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
JulyArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
AugustArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Sunday, 15 August 1920
15 August 19201920 FRENCH GRAND PRIX RACE.The New York Times
Monday, 29 August 1920
29 August 1920De Palma is First in Elgin Auto RaceThe New York Times
SeptemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Saturday, 11 September 1920
11 September 1920AUTO SALES BRISKThe Topeka State Journal
OctoberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Friday, 8 October 1920
8 October 1920Automotive News Briefs: October 8, 1920The New York Times
NovemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Friday, 26 November 1920
26 November 1920GASTON CHEVROLET KILLED IN RACEThe New York Times
DecemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Monday, 13 December 1920
13 December 1920AUTOMOBILE FATALITIES.The New York Times
Sunday, 19 December 1920
19 December 1920Automotive News Briefs: 19 December 1920Arizona Republican
19 December 1920General Motors Control Adds 67 Corporations to Du Pont InterestsArizona Republican

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