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Article Index 1952

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Article Index 1952

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Spring 1952The Greatest Sports Cars EverSpeed Smith
JanuaryArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
January 1952Simpson Sets a New RecordHot Rods and Racing Cars
FebruaryArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
February 1952Big-Time at LastHot Rod and Speedway Comics
MarchArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
March 1952The Father of Hot Rod HenryHot Rods and Racing Cars
AprilArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
MayArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
May 1952The Flame-Throwing RoadeaterHot Rod Comics
Friday, 16 May 1952
16 May 1952Big-Car Race May 25Reading Eagle
16 May 1952Enter Williams Grove CardReading Eagle
16 May 1952Reading Trio EnteredReading Eagle
16 May 1952Seeks to Break JinxReading Eagle
16 May 1952Stocks at Dorney ParkReading Eagle
16 May 1952Stocks at SanatogaReading Eagle
Tuesday, 20 May 1952
20 May 1952Automotive News Briefs: 20 May 1952The Daily Record
20 May 1952Lee Motors To Open Modernistic New BuildingThe Daily Record
20 May 1952Lee Motors To Open New Home Thursday The Daily Record
20 May 1952Many Gifts, Prizes Awaiting VisitorsThe Daily Record
20 May 1952Mrs. Lee Is Very Versatile Woman The Daily Record
20 May 1952Scott Says 301 Will Get FundsThe Daily Record
20 May 1952Wilbert Lee Has Attained Success Through Hard Work The Daily Record
Wednesday, 21 May 1952
21 May 1952Dunn Group Recalls Hodges' Aid to TownThe Daily Record
JuneArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
JulyArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
AugustArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
August 1952Hot Rod LingoPat Moran
Fall 1952Chucklhead Rides the Rods!Hot Rod King
SeptemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
September 1952Hot Rod ExpressHot Rods and Racing Cars
September 1952Maverick WheelmanHot Rod and Speedway Comics
OctoberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
NovemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
DecemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
December 1952Good Drivers Know!Hot Rod and Speedway Comics
December 1952Locating Engine MissPat Moran

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