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Article Index 1989

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Article Index 1989

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JanuaryArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Tuesday, 3 January 1989
3 January 1989Greece Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc.Congressional Record: Senator Al D'Amato
Tuesday, 24 January 1989
24 January 1989In Memoriam: John E. LaweCongressional Record: Rep. Thomas J. Manton
Tuesday, 31 January 1989
31 January 1989Frank BruneelCongressional Record: Senator Steve Symms
FebruaryArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Thursday, 2 February 1989
2 February 1989Return to Stronger 5-MPH Auto Bumper Protection StandardCongressional Record: Rep. Anthony C. Beilenson
Monday, 6 February 1989
6 February 1989G. Stewart Francke: A Man Who Got the Job DoneCongressional Record: Rep. Bob Traxler
6 February 1989Support of Resolution Opposing Fuel Tax Increase to Reduce Deficit (H.R. 41)Congressional Record: Rep. William O. Lipinski
Thursday, 9 February 1989
9 February 1989No Gas Tax Increase For Deficit ReductionCongressional Record: Rep. Glenn M. Anderson
MarchArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
AprilArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
MayArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
JuneArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Thursday, 8 June 1989
8 June 1989Nomination of William C. Brooks To Be an Assistant Secretary of LaborPresident George Bush
JulyArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
Monday, 17 July 1989
17 July 1989Nomination of John A. Betti To Be an Under Secretary of DefensePresident George Bush
AugustArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
SeptemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
OctoberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
NovemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker
DecemberArticle NameAgency/Author/Speaker

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