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Mini Clubman

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A compact wagon produced by Mini since 2005.

The Clubman is also the basis for the higher-performance John Cooper Works Clubman.

In 2007 the Mini Clubman "won" the Top Gear Award for ugliest car and presenter Jeremy Clarkson presented the award with the line, "This is the award for the ugliest car of the year and the nominations are...there's no point is there, it's the Mini Clubman."

Awards and acknowledgements include:
2007 Top Gear Award for Ugliest Car


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Mini Clubman page on 27 August 2017, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The Mini Clubman is a supermini (first generation) or small family car (second generation) engineered and manufactured by BMW and sold under the Mini marque. It was introduced in 2007, as a variant of the Mini Hatch (hatchback). A commercial version called Clubvan was added to the range in 2012. The first generation was the first Mini to have suicide doors, but the second generation lacks them.

The use of the name "Clubman" is a departure from Mini tradition. "Clubman" was originally the name given to the 1970s facelift of the classic Mini, which mostly resulted in a squared-off front end, whereas the classic Mini estates had traditionally been named "Traveller" or "Countryman" (a Clubman-styled estate was, however, available in Australia). However, BMW did not initially purchase the rights to use those names, and so decided to call its estate-variant "Clubman", a name which it did own rights to.

The model variants are the same as the Hatch/Hardtop version; being in available in One, Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper SD, Cooper S and John Cooper Works (JCW) (2007-2014) variations.

First generation (R55) (2007–2014)

Identical to the 3-door hatchback from the B-pillar forward, the Clubman features a length increased by 240 mm (9.4 in), an 80 mm (3.1 in) longer wheelbase, increased rear-seat leg room and cargo space deeper by 160 mm (6.3 in), providing an increased 260 litres (9.2 cu ft) of space – growing from a total of 680 to 920 litres (24 to 32 cu ft) with the rear seats folded. The Clubman model weighs 64 kilograms (141 lb) more than its two-door counterpart.

The Clubman features access to its cargo space via bi-parting rear doors, known as barn doors or splitdoors. Also, all Clubman models feature a single backwards opening side door to access the rear seats. It is marketed singlarly as the Clubdoor, and is always located on its right side of the body – irrespective of market. It is much smaller in comparison to the regular driver and passenger side doors. This in turn creates differences between right and left-hand driver markets. In right-hand markets, the steering wheel won't allow the driver's seat from folding as far forward as the passenger seat. This means that left-hand drive markets feature increased access to the rear seat. For right-hand drive markets, including the car's home market, the bi-parting door is located on the road side of the car, requiring rear passengers to exit into the road.

In 2007, Torque magazine called the Clubman "essentially a 4-door hatchback design". However, this characterization might be confusing due to the complexity of the Clubman design. The passenger doors configuration and split rear cargo doors of the Clubman made it a unique model on the market at the time of release. Some sources suggest that MINI created their own segment with the Clubman due to its irregular configurations.

In 2013, the company unveiled the Clubman Bond Street, named after a prestigious shopping destination in London, featuring exclusive and stylish appointments inside and out.

Second generation (F54) (2015 – Present)

A second generation Clubman was announced in 2013, with model code F54. A concept version was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, with the production model debuting at the 2015 Frankfurt IAA MotorShow. The new model, based on the BMW UKL2 platform, features more space. At the time of its debut, the Mini Clubman was the largest Mini ever manufactured by the brand, measuring 427 centimetres (168.3 in) long and it is wider measuring 180 centimetres (70.9 in) in comparison to the previous 396-centimetre (155.9 in). The new model has 4 doors for passengers.

This generation of the Mini Clubman comes with two engines for the North American Market. The basic model comes with the 100 kW (134 bhp) 3-cylinder engine mated with either a 6-spd manual or 6-spd automatic transmission, while the new MINI Cooper S Clubman comes with a 4-cylinder engine and 189 bhp, mated with either a 6-spd manual or 8-spd automatic transmission. All-wheel drive in the form of MINI's all4 system is optional in the Cooper S in select markets.


29 June 2015
Woofcast #556: The Clubman Show

We heard you like Clubman, so we put some Clubman in your Clubman. #clubman. Besides our thoughts on the latest MINI (spoiler alert; we like it), we have a very unique interview with Motoring Advisor [Tony Poulson](http://www.thetonus.com). Click through to nerd out on his art (and buy something if you like it!).
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Download Woofcast #556 in MP3 format from WhiteRoofRadio.com - 32.4MB - 1:10:25
Go to the Woofcast #556 page at WhiteRoofRadio.com
14 December 2015
Woofcast #577: The Clubman Show, Again

Todd & Gabe went down to Georgia, they were looking for a MINI to Drive. Which they found in the shape of the new Clubman! Good stuff here to be sure. Plus, listener shout-outs and a very little bit of tire talk, which will be revisiting next week during Woofcast 578, the last show for 2015.
Don’t forget! If you spend at least $150 at [Detroittuned.com](http://www.detroittuned.com), you get free shipping! If you buy any stripes at [MotoringStripes](http://www.motoringstripes.com), you also get free shipping until the end of the year. Also, there is still time to buy something nice from [Craven Speed](http://www.cravenspeed.com) and [OutMotoring.com](http://www.outmotoring.com) before Christmas, so do not delay!
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Download Woofcast #577 in MP3 format from WhiteRoofRadio.com - 54.1MB - 58:57
Go to the Woofcast #577 page at WhiteRoofRadio.com
29 December 2015
Gabe and Todd Drive the Clubman

In case you missed it in [Woofcast 577](http://www.whiteroofradio.com/woofcast-577), here is the audio from the Clubman press event in Savannah, GA. In which, Gabe and Todd wax poetic about the Clubman and the boring state of roads in Georgia, and the Clubman.
Regular service will resume the 2nd week of January, 2016 with Woofcast 579, schedule to drop Monday, January 11th, 2016.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Download Gabe and Todd Drive the Clubman in MP3 format from WhiteRoofRadio.com - 33.5MB - 36:23
Go to the Gabe and Todd Drive the Clubman page at WhiteRoofRadio.com
25 August 2017
Woofcast #628: “I Love The Clubman” — G. Bridger, 2017

It’s that crazy slow time of the year where nothing is really happening anywhere due to back to school. Still, we solidier on and talk about flight delays, throttle response in a Ferrari vs. a MINI, and RAV4s jumping over a draw bridge in New Jersey. We also talk about MINIs and some BMW stuff from BimmerFile too!

MINI E Concept to debut at Frankfurt
BMW Z4 Concept is pretty sweet!
BMW at the Monterey Historics gallery
Plus a host of other topics this week. We were a bit all over the place as we like to do sometimes. If you missed it, there was a new episode of Black Roof Radio posted earlier this week. You can join the club and get access to those episodes plus early access to all shows over at the Patreon Clubhouse.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Download Woofcast #628 in MP3 format from WhiteRoofRadio.com - 47.8MB - 50:56
Go to the Woofcast #628 page at WhiteRoofRadio.com

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18 August 2011BMW of North America, LLC, a subsidiary of BMW AG, Receipt of Petition for Decision of Inconsequential NoncomplianceFederal Register: NHTSA (Claude H. Harris)

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