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On This Day in Automotive History...

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

On This Day in Automotive History...

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Look up a date, and this page will show some of the more prominent events that happened on that day, as well as birthdates and dates of passing of automotive & motorsports personalities.


January 1
Birthdays: Scott Riggs (1971), Zsolt Baumgartner (1981)
1931: Bridgestone was founded.
1932: Nizhegorodsky Avtomobilny Zavod (NAZ) began production of the NAZ-A.
2011: Mastretta begins production of the MXT.
2014: Fiat announced that it would purchase the portion of Chrysler LLC it did not already own, becoming the basis of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles later in the month.

January 2
Birthdays: Robby Gordon (1969)

January 3
Birthdays: Willy T. Ribbs (1956)

January 4
2011: The final Mercury, a Grand Marquis, was produced.

January 5
Birthdays: Dennis Connor (1951), Troy Beebe (1962)

January 6
Birthdays: Dick Rathmann (1924), John DeLorean (1925)

January 7
1985: General Motors registered the Saturn trademark.

January 8
Birthdays: Stephen Simpson (1984)
1944: William Kissam Vanderbilt II, automobile pioneer and sponsor of the Vanderbilt Cup, died.

January 9
Birthdays: Bob Rahilly (1953), Mark Martin (1959)
2007: Elmer Symons dies during the Dakar Rally.

January 10
Birthdays: Harry Gant (1940), David Crittenden (1943), Bobby Rahal (1953), Eddie Cheever (1958), Larry McReynolds (1959)

January 11
Birthdays: Brett Bodine (1959)
2010: Mercedes-Benz unveils the A207 E-Class Cabriolet.

January 12
Birthdays: Ray Harroun (1879)
1980: Al Bonnell died.
1998: North American Van Lines was purchased by investment firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.

January 13
Birthdays: Ernie Irvan (1959)
1999: The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers was founded.
2017: The United States charges Takata executives Shinichi Tanaka, Hideo Nakajima, and Tsueno Chikaraishi for the company's exploding airbags.

January 14
1954: Nash & Hudson merge to form AMC.

January 15
Birthdays: Aaron Ricker (1991)

January 16
Birthdays: A.J. Foyt (1935)
1968: General Motors filed for a U.S. design patent for the C3 Chevrolet Corvette.

January 17
Birthdays: Harry Hyde (1925), Lake Speed (1948), Sam McMahon III (1958)

January 18
1919: Bentley founded.
2007: The W204 version of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was introduced.

January 19
1968: Ray Harroun died in Anderson, Indiana at age 89.

January 20
Birthdays: Jeff Wood (1957)
2007: Éric Aubijoux dies during the Dakar Rally.

January 21
2014: Fiat announced that with the purchase of the remainder of Chrysler LLC, the two companies would be reorganized as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

January 25
Birthdays: Buddy Baker (1941)

January 26
Birthdays: Al Bonnell (1909), Edgar Barth (1917), Scott Wimmer (1976)

January 27
Birthdays: Gary Bradberry (1961)

January 28
Birthdays: Tim Morgan (1954), David Green (1958)

January 29
Birthdays: Fireball Roberts (1929), Tommy Houston (1945)
1982: Bradford M. Crittenden died.
2008: The 5 millionth BMW 5 Series was manufactured, a 530d Saloon in Carbon Black Metallic.

January 30
1951: Ferdinand Porsche died.

January 31
Birthdays: Rick Wilson (1953)


February 3
Birthdays: Rocky Moran (1950)
2016: Toyota announced that it would shut down the Scion brand.

February 4
Birthdays: Tim Brewer (1955)
1922: The Lincoln Motor Company was purchased by the Ford Motor Company for $8M.
1981: John DeLorean filed for a U.S. patent for "Mounting for a Vehicle Door" for the DeLorean's famed gullwing doors.

February 5
Birthdays: Darrell Waltrip (1947), Dorsey Schroeder (1953), Ricky Pearson (1957)

February 7
2008: The third generation Dodge Challenger debuted.

February 7
2013: FCA unveiled the Ram ProMaster at the Chicago Auto Show.
Birthdays: Christian Klien (1983)

February 12
Birthdays: Steve Bird (1955), Taranosuke Takagi 高木 虎之介 (1974)

February 13
Birthdays: Jim Crawford (1948), Donnie Wingo (1960)

February 14
Birthdays: Ronnie Peterson (1944), Bill Venturini (1953)
1994: The 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS went into production.

February 15
Birthdays: Dewey Livengood-1942), Jimmy Spencer (1957)

February 17
Birthdays: Marshall Teague (1922)

February 18
2001: Dale Earnhardt died in a last lap crash at the Daytona 500. Michael Waltrip would win the race, his first Winston Cup victory.

February 19
Birthdays: Jeff Purvis (1959), John Paul Jr. (1960)

February 20
Birthdays: Roger Penske (1937), Scott Brayton (1959), Adam Clarke (1975)

February 22
Birthdays: Chuck Bown (1954)
1993: Production began on the Lexus GS300.

February 23
Birthdays: Julius "Slick" Johnson (1948)
2015: Honda announced that CEO and President Takanobu Ito would step down to be replaced by Takahiro Hachigo in June.

February 25
Birthdays: Tony Brooks (1932), Davey Allison (1961)
1899: Renault founded.

February 26
Birthdays: Robert La Caze (1917)
1970: The second generation Pontiac Firebird debuted.
2008: A 3-month American Axle & Manufacturing strike began.

February 27
Birthdays: Steve Chassey (1945), Todd Bodine (1964)

February 28
Birthdays: Mario Andretti (1940)

February 29
Birthdays: Francesco Conti (1964)


March 1
Birthdays: Dave Marcis (1941), Ni Amorim (1962), Antron Brown (1976)
2009: Trucking companies Yellow Transportation and Roadway merged.

March 2
1878: William Kissam Vanderbilt II, automobile pioneer and sponsor of the Vanderbilt Cup, was born.
1966: The one millionth Ford Mustang was produced.

March 3
Birthdays: Tiny Lund (1936)

March 4
Birthdays: Buck Baker (1919), Rick Mast (1957)

March 5
1927: The first LaSalle, the Series 303, is introduced.
1929: David Dunbar Buick died.

March 6
1900: Gottlieb Daimler died.

March 8
Birthdays: Mark Smith (1954), Kirk Shelmerdine (1958), Michael Bartels (1968)

March 9
1964: Production began on the Ford Mustang.
2014: William Clay Ford Sr. died.
Birthdays: John Walczak (1949), Danny Sullivan (1950), Ronnie Hopkins (1962)

March 10
Birthdays: Mike Wallace (1959), Matt Kenseth (1972)
2009: Fleetwood filed for bankruptcy.

March 11
Birthdays: Derek Daly (1953)

March 12
Birthdays: Red Byron (1915), Johnny Rutherford (1938), John Andretti (1963), and Casey Mears (1978)

March 14
2013: Zipcar purchased by Avis for US$500 million.
Birthdays: Lee Petty (1914), Bill Rexford (1927), Greg Anderson (1961), Hiro Matsushita (1961), Tina Gordon (1969), John Zimmer (1984)

March 15
Birthdays: Mickey Gibbs (1958)
1947: Preston Tucker filed for a U.S. design patent for the Tucker 48.

March 16
Birthdays: Billy Stavola (1947), Ed Ferree (1952)
1966: The last ever Studebaker was manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
2009: The 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro began production.

March 18
Birthdays: Andy Granatelli (1923), Mark Donohue (1937), Volker Weidler (1962)
1968: Evel Knievel appears on The Joey Bishop Show, bringing him to national attention.

March 19
Birthdays: Bill Sedgwick (1955)
1961: Design work begins on the Studebaker Avanti.
2005: John DeLorean died.

March 20
Birthdays: Geoff Brabham (1952), Pedro Lamy (1972)

March 21
Birthdays: George Abecassis (1913), Fonty Flock (1921), Larry McClure (1944), Ayrton Senna (1960)

March 22
Birthdays: Billy Hagan (1932)

March 23
Birthdays: Don Bierschwale (1933)
1945: S.S. Cars Limited changes its name to Jaguar.

March 24
Birthdays: Jimmy Makar (1956), Adam Andretti (1979)

March 25
Birthdays: Danica Patrick (1982)

March 26
Birthdays: Doug Williams (1951)
1953: Tom Alley died in Indianapolis, Indiana.
1975: Production begins on the Cadillac Seville.
2006: Paul Dana dies in IRL practice in Homestead, Miami.
2008: Ford agreed to sell their Jaguar Land Rover operations to Tata Motors.
2009: The Tesla Model S was displayed for the first time.

March 27
Birthdays: Cale Yarborough (1939)
2010: The Mercedes-Benz A207 E-Class Cabriolet went on sale in Europe.

March 28
Birthdays: Nicholas Hamilton (1992)
2008: Production of the GAZ Volga Siber began.
2014: Production of the BMW X4 began.

March 29
1974: The first production Volkswagen Golf rolls off of the assembly line in Wolfsburg, Germany.

March 30
Birthdays: Rudolf Krause (1907)

March 31
1951: The Plymouth Cranbrook Belevedere was introduced.
2007: The W204 version of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class went on sale.
Birthdays: Richard Jackson (1937), Kevin Cogan (1956), Jon Beekhuis (1960), Scott Houston (1965)


April 1
1967: The U.S. Department of Transportation was formed.
1970: AMC launches the Gremlin.
2006: Honda Fit goes on sale in the United States.
2008: O'Reilly signs a deal to purchase CSK Auto.
2010: The 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro won the World Car Design of the Year at the World Car of the Year Awards.
2015: The ninth generation Chevrolet Malibu was unveiled.

April 2
Birthdays: Steve Saleen (1949)
1964: Saab begins Project Gudmund, which would eventually become the 99 in 1967.
1973: John DeLorean announces that he is leaving General Motors.

April 3
Birthdays: Speedy Thompson (1926)

April 4
Birthdays: Bill France Jr. (1933), Tom Peck (1953)
2007: Lexus debuts the third generation LX (an LX 570) at the New York International Auto Show.

April 5
1983: John DeLorean granted a U.S. patent for "Mounting for a Vehicle Door" for the DeLorean's famed gullwing doors.

April 6
2016: Tata Tiago launched in India.
Birthdays: Herb Thomas (1923)

April 7
1947: Henry Ford died.

April 8
Birthdays: Junie Donlavey (1924), Butch Mock (1952), Robert Pressley (1959)
2004: Subus Chile founded.

April 9
1987: The third generation Honda Prelude was released in the Japanese market.

April 10
Birthdays: D.K. Ulrich (1944), Jeffrey Ellis (1956), Kasey Kahne (1980)
1986: President Ronald Reagan issues Proclamation 5457, designating 1986 the Centennial Year of the Gasoline Powered Automobile.

April 12
1979: Mad Max released.
Birthdays: Curtis Turner (1924)

April 13
2015: Production began on the Jagaur XE.

April 14
1927: Volvo was founded.
2015: Grand Theft Auto V released for Microsoft Windows (supplemental release date).
Birthdays: Jeff Andretti (1964), Tony Raines (1964)

April 15
Birthdays: Michael Greenfield (1963), Jack Harvey (1993)

April 17
Birthdays: Mike Chase (1952), Len Wood (1956), Tony Glover (1957)
1931: The Allstate insurance company went into business.
1964: The Ford Mustang was introduced to the public.
1965: Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick becomes the first NHRA Funny Car driver to run a 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds, posting a 9.97 at York, Pennsylvania.

April 18
Birthdays: Geoffrey Bodine (1949)
2011: The eighth generation Chevrolet Malibu was unveiled.

April 19
Birthdays: Jack Roush (1942), Robert Yates (1943)

April 20
Birthdays: Zachary Claman DeMelo (1998)

April 21
Birthdays: Bill Ingle (1956), Greg Zipadelli (1967)
1976: Final Cadillac Eldorado convertible produced.

April 22
2002: Production of the Cadillac Eldorado ended.
2007: Jeff Gordon won the Subway Fresh Fit 500, his 76th win, tying Dale Earnhardt.

April 23
Birthdays: Chad Little (1962)

April 25
Birthdays: Ken Wilson (1957)
2016: Production of the Volvo V70 ended.

April 26
Birthdays: José María López (1983)
1991: The last Oldsmobile Calais was produced.

April 27
Birthdays: Jeff Segal (1985)
2009: General Motors announces the discontinuation of the Pontiac Vibe.

April 28
Birthdays: Al Miller (1907), Jay Leno (1950)

April 29
Birthdays: Dale Earnhardt (1951)
1932: Advance Auto Parts founded.
2004: The final Oldsmobile Alero was produced.
2005: Production of the original run of the Mercury Sable ended.

April 30
Birthdays: Kurt Kuhnke (1910), Michael Waltrip (1963), Elliott Sadler (1975)
2000: Excitebike 64 was released for the Nintendo 64.


May 1
1916: Sinclair Oil Corporation founded.
1950: UD Trucks founded.
1994: Ayrton Senna died as a result of injuries from the Italian Grand Prix.
Birthdays: Johnny Sauter (1978)

May 4
Birthdays: Dr. Don Tarr (1929), John Watson (1946)
2016: NHTSA announces it is expanding the recall of Takata airbag inflators by 35-40 million in addition to the 28.8 million already recalled.

May 5
Birthdays: Bob Welborn (1928)
1899: Electric Automobile Company founded
1942: Hino Motors founded.

May 7
1972: Woody Brown died.

May 8
Birthdays: Bobby Labonte (1964)
1879: The "Selden Patent," the first U.S. patent for an automobile, was filed.
2007: 4,000,000th Land Rover rolls off the production line, a Discovery 3 (LR3), donated to The Born Free Foundation.

May 9
Birthdays: Bradford M. Crittenden (1912)

May 10
1983: Roll Me Away by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band released.

May 11
Birthdays: Tim Flock (1924)

May 13
Birthdays: Rich Bickle (1961)
2016: Production of the Volvo XC70 ended.

May 14
2007: DaimlerChrysler announces the sale of 80.1% of Chrysler Group to American private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., thereafter known as Chrysler LLC
Birthdays: Randy Baker (1958)

May 16
2015: The 6th Generation Chevrolet Camaro was introduced.

May 17
Birthdays: Mikko Kozarowitzky (1948)

May 19
1903: The Buick Motor Companywas founded.
2009: Germany's Daimler AG, acquired an equity stake of less than 10% in Tesla Motors for a reported US$50 million.
2015: The Takata airbag recall becomes the largest vehicle recall in history as the number of vehicles recalled rises from 40 million to 53 million.

May 20
1965: Edgar Barth died.
Birthdays: Tony Stewart (1971)

May 21
2005: Production of the Mercury Sable ended.
Birthdays: Tom Alley (1889)

May 23
Birthdays: Ernst Klodwig (1903), Wally Dallenbach Jr. (1963)

May 24
Birthdays: Jack Smith (1924), Ricky Craven (1966)

May 25
Birthdays: Bud Moore (1925), Paul Andrews (1957), A.J. Foyt IV (1984) 2014: Hindustan Ambassador production ended.

May 26
1923: The first 24 Hours of Le Mans began in Le Sarthe, France.
1927: Production of the
Ford Model T ends. Henry Ford was on hand to watch the 15 millionth roll off of the assembly line in Highland Park, Michigan.

May 27
Birthdays: Jeremy Mayfield (1969)
1923: André Lagache & France René Léonard win the first 24 Hours of Le Mans.

May 28
Marvin Panch (1926), Tero Palmroth (1953)

May 29
Birthdays: Joe Weatherly (1922), Al Unser (1939), Jimmy Means (1950), Ken Schrader (1955), Bobby Hamilton (1957)

May 31
Birthdays: Jack Baldwin (1948)


June 1
Birthdays: Darel Dieringer (1926), Jim Sauter (1943), Chuck Little (1944), Tom Sneva (1948), Davy Jones (1964)

June 2
Birthdays: Jan Lammers (1956), Kyle Petty (1960)
2008: Tata Motors finalised their purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford.

June 4
Birthdays: Barry Dodson (1953)
Deaths: Bill France Jr. (2007)

June 5
Birthdays: Butch Miller (1952), Bobby Hillin Jr. (1964)

June 6
Birthdays: Jamie McMurray (1976), Justin Allgaier (1986)
1904: Chrysler was founded.
2003: 2 Fast 2 Furious released.
2008: Trevor Wilkinson died.
2012: Fast N' Loud debuted.

June 7
Birthdays: Tim Richmond (1955), Robbie Loomis (1964)

June 9
2003: Scion was founded.

June 10
2009: The sale of substantially all of Chrysler's assets to "New Chrysler", organized as Chrysler Group LLC, was completed.
Birthdays: Dave Fuge (1955)

June 11
Birthdays: Pancho Carter (1950)

June 12
1972: ASE founded.
1996: The final Ford Bronco rolls off the assembly line.
2007: Announcement from the Ford Motor Company that it plans to sell Land Rover and Jaguar Cars.
2013: Jason Leffler died.

June 13
Birthdays: Harry Melling (1944)
2012: Chinese consortium NEVS announces purchase of Saab assets.

June 14
Birthdays: President Donald J. Trump (1946)
1949: Preston Tucker granted a U.S. design patent for the Tucker 48.

June 16
1903: Ford Motor Company incorporated.

June 18
2011: Cars 2 had its Hollywood premiere.

June 19
Birthdays: Charlie Glotzbach (1938)
1969: Cadillac produces its four millionth car.

June 21
Birthdays: Phil Parsons (1957), Eddie Pearson (1965)
2016: NEVS announces that it will sell cars under its own brand after loss of permission to use the Saab name.

June 22
Birthdays: Phil Krueger (1951), Jeff Ward (1961)

June 23
2014: BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota announce a recall of 3 million Takata airbags.

June 24
Birthdays: Jim Bown (1960), Hut Stricklin (1961)
1910: Alfa Romeo founded.
2011: Cars 2 released in the U.S.

June 26
Birthdays: Dick Moroso (1939), Kevin Lepage (1962), Steve Grissom (1963)

June 27
Birthdays: Johnny Benson (1963)
2006: Johan Jacobs dies in a crash while testing for a land-speed record attempt.

June 28
Birthdays: Junior Johnson (1931), Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima (1950), Mike Skinner (1957)
1966: Chevrolet announces the Camaro name in the first time in history that 14 cities were connected in real time for a press conference via telephone lines.
2006: Who Killed the Electric Car? released.

June 29
Birthdays: Eddie Bierschwale (1959), Jeff Burton (1967)

June 30
Birthdays: Henry Ford (1863), Don Miller (1939), Dave Mader III (1955), Sterling Marlin (1957)
1953: Production of the Chevrolet Corvette began.
2008: The Tesla Model S was announced in a press release.


July 1
1926: Hudson finishes a $10M body plant where they could build all-steel closed bodies for Hudson and Essex.
1955: Yamaha Motor Company was founded.
2005: The final Ford Thunderbird was produced.

July 2
Birthdays: Richard Petty (1937)

July 3
Birthdays: Bob Whitcomb (1937), Larry Phillips (1942)

July 4
1979: Auto Shack opened in Forrest City, Arkansas, the first store in what would become AutoZone.

July 7
2000: Production of the first generation Lexus SC ended.
Birthdays: Stan Fox (1952)

July 8
Birthdays: Leo Jackson (1933), Dale Coyne (1954)

July 9
Birthdays: Donnie Richeson (1960)
1900: Dowlais Iron Company and Arthur Keen's Patent Nut and Bolt Company merged to form Guest, Keen & Co. Ltd., a precursor to GKN.
1964: The Urban Mass Transportation Administration was formed, in 1991 it would become the Federal Transit Administration.

July 10
Birthdays: Brendan Gaughan (1975)

July 11
Birthdays: Bobby Dotter (1960), Ben Spies (1984)

July 12
2004: The third generation Mercury Montego entered production.
Birthdays: Benny Parsons (1941), Rick Hendrick (1949)

July 13
1978: Lee Iacocca was fired from the Ford Motor Company.
1991: Davey Allison died.

July 14
Birthdays: Chico Landi (1907)

July 15
Birthdays: Gene Roberts (1959), Tyler Young (1990)
2015: Jules Bianchi died from injuries sustained during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

July 16
Birthdays: Scott Atchison (1962)
1902: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders founded in the UK.

July 17
Birthdays: Erwin Bauer (1912), Eddie Dickerson (1955)
2009: Fleetwood's motorized recreational vehicle assets acquired by American Industrial Partners (AIP).

July 18
2013: Gina McCarthy took office as 13th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Birthdays: Glen Wood (1925), Randy Lewis (1945)

July 19
1967: The Gnome-Mobile was released.
Birthdays: Clyde McLeod (1950)

July 20
2006: Stellican Limited announced it is restarting the Indian Motorcycle Company in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

July 21
2011: Fiat purchases a stake in Chrysler.

July 22
1991: The last Pontiac 6000 was produced.
2008: Mastretta unveils the pre-production MXT

July 23
Birthdays: Roy "Buckshot" Jones (1970)
1903: Ford made its first car sale, a Model A, to Dr. Ernest Pfenning of Chicago for $850.

July 24
2004: Nikolai Smolensky becomes the owner of TVR.

July 25
Birthdays: Ernie Elliott (1947)

July 26
2002: The final 9th Generation Lincoln Continental was produced.

July 28
Birthdays: Luigi Musso (1924)

July 29
Birthdays: Fernando Alonso (1981)

July 30
Birthdays: Neil Bonnett (1946)
1996: The final Chevrolet Beretta was produced.


August 1
Birthdays: Bobby Isaac (1934)

August 3
Birthdays: Jules Bianchi (1989)
1900: Firestone Tire & Rubber Company was founded.
1958: Peter Collins dies from injuries sustained during the German Grand Prix.

August 4
Birthdays: Jeff Gordon (1971), Kurt Busch (1978)
1928: DeSoto founded.

August 5
Birthdays: Gordon Johncock (1936), Leo Kinnunen (1943), Eddie Wood (1952), Kenny Irwin, Jr. (1969)
2011: Production begins on the Polaris Industries generation of Indian motorcycles.
2016: Scion was discontinued.

August 7
Birthdays: Steve Loyd (1948)

August 8
Birthdays: Tommy Ellis (1947), Jack Sprague (1964)

August 10
Birthdays: Woody Brown (1918)
1961: J.B. Hunt was incorporated.
2015: Buddy Baker died.

August 11
2015: Gregory G. Nadeau was sworn in as the Federal Highway Administration's 19th Administrator.

August 12
Birthdays: Mark Stahl (1951)
1905: The first Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb was held.
1908: Production began on the Ford Model T, and the first car would roll off of the assembly line on September 27.
2013: The Saab plant in Trollhättan reopens in preparation for resuming production under NEVS.

August 14
Birthdays: Rusty Wallace (1956)

August 15
Birthdays: Robin Pemberton (1956), Andy Petree (1958)

August 16
Birthdays: Bernard Jourdain (1950)
1984: John DeLorean found not guilty on charges of trafficking cocaine by the U.S. government.

August 17
2009: The final Pontiac Vibe rolled off of the assembly line at NUMMI at 6:51PM PDT.
Birthdays: Rex White (1929)

August 18
Birthdays: Steve Wallace (1987)
1967: Al Miller died.

August 19
Birthdays: Dale Inman (1936), TJ Zizzo (1975), Gus Dean (1994)
1975: Mark Donohue died from injuries sustained in a crash practicing for the Austrian Grand Prix.

August 20
1915: ZF Friedrichshafen founded.

August 22
1902: The Cadillac Automobile Company was established.
1967: The 1968 AMC Javelin debuted.
2016: A truck carrying Takata airbag inflators crashes and explodes, killing a woman in a house near the scene.

August 23
Birthdays: Kenny Wallace (1963), Steve Park (1967)
1903: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glidden of Boston make the first automobile trip to the Arctic Circle, stopping in Haparanda, Sweden.

August 24
Birthdays: George Bradshaw (1946), Dale Delozier (1957)

August 26
Birthdays: James Hylton (1935), Frankie Kimmel (1990)
2012: Scania AB announces that NEVS will not be allowed to use the Griffin logo on their new Saab cars.

August 27
Birthdays: Chuck Rider (1940), Richard Broome (1944), Derek Warwick (1954), Mark Webber (1976)

August 28
Birthdays: Randy LaJoie (1961)
1948: The first motorcross race in a stadium was held at Buffalo Stadium in Montrouge, France. It would be the precursor of Supercross racing.
2008: Phil Hill died at the age of 81 in Salinas, California.
2014: NEVS files for bankruptcy protection.

August 29
Birthdays: Wendell Scott (1921), James Hunt (1947)
2008: Fleet sales of the GAZ Volga Siber begin.
2014: Saab AB cancels the agreement with NEVS for use of the Saab name.

August 30
Birthdays: Santiago Urrutia (1996)

August 31
Birthdays: Bill Vukovich III (1963)


September 1
Birthdays: Franck Lagorce (1968), Sunny Hobbs (1969)

September 3
1968: General Motors granted a U.S. design patent for the C3 Chevrolet Corvette.
2012: NEVS completes purchase of Saab.
2014: NASCAR announced that Comcast would sponsor its second highest series, which would become the Xfinity Series.

September 4
Birthdays: Dave Darland (1966)
1997: The final tenth-generation Ford Thunderbird was produced, the final original Thunderbird before the retro version was introduced.

September 5
1980: Mothers Against Drunk Driving was founded.
2006: The Crittenden Automotive Library was launched.

September 6
Birthdays: Kenny Bernstein (1944), Jeff Green (1962)

September 7
Birthdays: Donnie Allison (1939)
2003: AutoBidOnline.com launched.

September 8
1904: The first Harley-Davidson prototype was functional.
2006: Peter Brock died.
2016: Liberty Media had agreed to buy Delta Topco, the company that controls Formula One.

September 9
Birthdays: Phil Barkdoll (1935), Felix Sabates (1942), Jeff Hammond (1956), Ludwig Heimrath, Jr. (1956), Jerry Nadeau (1970)

September 10
Birthdays: Ralph Moody (1917), Guido Dacco (1947)

September 11
1970: Ford introduced the Pinto.

September 12
Birthdays: Ricky Rudd (1956), Paul Walker (1973)

September 13
Birthdays: Kamui Kobayashi (1986)
1899: Henry H. Bliss is run over by a car in New York City, becoming what is believed to be the first recorded pedestrian traffic fatality in the United States.
2014: The inaugural Formula E event is held in Beijing, China.

September 14
Birthdays: Dominic Dobson (1957)

September 15
Birthdays: Jimmy Fennig (1953)
2009: The Ferrari 458 Italia was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
2011: The final Ford Crown Victoria was produced.

September 16
Birthdays: Karl Kling (1910)

September 17
1922: Roscoe Sarles died, having been burned to death in the inaugural racing event at the Kansas City Speedway.
2013: Grand Theft Auto V released for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 (initial release date).
Birthdays: David Dunbar Buick (1854), Jimmie Johnson (1975)

September 19
1991: The fourth generation Honda Prelude was introduced to the Japanese market.
2013: The first Saab rolls off the assembly line since the company's purchase by NEVS.

September 21
Birthdays: Richard Childress (1945), Arie Luyendyk (1953)
2009: Australia's Highway Patrol premiered on Seven Network.

September 22
Birthdays: Leonard Wood (1934)
2016: Chevrolet unveils the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

September 23
1933: American Trucking Associations founded.

September 24
Birthdays: Kelly Sutton (1971)

September 25
Birthdays: Henri Pescarolo (1942)

September 26
Birthdays: Joe Nemechek (1963)
1967: The 1968 AMC Javelin went on sale.
1997: The last Ford Aspire was produced.

September 27
1908: The first Ford Model T rolls off of the assembly line.
2004: Tata Motors rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange to mark their listing.
2008: Paul Newman, race car driver and co-star of Pixar's Cars, died.

September 29
Birthdays: Stanley Smith (1949), Chase Montgomery (1983)
1966: Chevrolet begins selling the Camaro.

September 30
1988: Al Holbert died.
2010: Mastretta unveils the production MXT.


October 1
1908: The Ford Model T went on sale.
Birthdays: Steve Barkdoll (1962)

October 2
1957: The Vauxhall Cresta PA was announced.
2001: Mary Peters sworn in as the Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration.

October 3
1955: Highway Patrol premiered.

October 4
1962: Buick introduced the Riviera.

October 5
Birthdays: Dave Rezendes (1959), Michael Andretti (1962), James Toseland (1980)
2001: Joseph M. Clapp sworn in as the first Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

October 6
2005: Production ended on the Chevrolet Cavalier.
Birthdays: Mike McLaughlin (1956)

October 7
1962: The Ford Mustang I concept car made its public debut at the United States Grand Prix.
End of Production: Saturn (2009), Australian Ford Falcon (2016)

October 8
Birthdays: Bill Elliott (1955)

October 10
Birthdays: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (1974)
2001: Chevron purchased General Motors' share of GM Ovonics.

October 11
Birthdays: Jimmy Hensley (1955)

October 12
Birthdays: Ned Jarrett (1932)

October 13
1902: The Ohio Automobile Company changes its name to the Packard Motor Car Company
Birthdays: David Ifft (1948)

October 15
Birthdays: Lee Iacocca (1924)
1981: MotorWeek premiered.
2000: Chevron announces the acquisition of Texaco.
2009: Harley-Davidson announced that it would discontinue the Buell line.

October 16
Birthdays: Peter Ashdown (1934), Molly Morter (1975)
2013: Erik Buell Racing introduces the 1190RX, the company's first production motorcycle.

October 17
Birthdays: Evel Knievel (1938), Tom Kendall (1966)
1902: Cadillac introduces the Model A.

October 19
1982: John DeLorean charged with trafficking cocaine by the U.S. government.
Birthdays: Didier Theys (1956), John Jones (1965), Heikki Kovalainen (1981)

October 20
Birthdays: Clifford Allison (1964)

October 21
Birthdays: Morgan Shepherd (1941), Dan Akerson (1948)

October 24
Birthdays: Tracy Leslie (1957), Dave Blaney (1962), Brian Vickers (1983)

October 25
Birthdays: Ward Burton (1961), Jon Wood (1981)

October 26
Birthdays: Sammy Swindell (1955)

October 27
Birthdays: Dick Trickle (1941)

October 28
Birthdays: Hans Klenk (1919), Joe Ruttman (1944)

October 30
2009: The final Buell motorcycle was produced under Harley-Davidson ownership.
Birthdays: Tony Bettenhausen (1951)

October 31
2010: As part of the closure of Saturn, outstanding franchises were ended.
Birthdays: Buddy Lazier (1967), Sébastien Buemi (1988)


November 1
1945: DuPont Motors turns over operations of Indian to Ralph B. Rogers.

November 2
1895: Autocar was first published.
1983: Production began on the Dodge Caravan.

November 3
1911: Chevrolet founded.
Birthdays: Helmuth Koinigg (1948), Greg Sacks (1953), Derrike Cope (1958)

November 4
2015: Genesis was spun off of Hyundai as a separate brand.

November 5
Birthdays: Elton Sawyer (1959)
1895: The "Selden Patent," the first U.S. patent for an automobile, was granted.

November 6
1899: The first Packard was built in Warren, Ohio.
Birthdays: Peter Collins (1931)

November 7
1996: The fifth generation Honda Prelude was introduced.
2006: Cars released on DVD.

November 8
Birthdays: Ed Berrier (1961)

November 11
Birthdays: Maria Teresa de Filippis (1926), Dean Hall (1957)

November 12
1936: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opened.

November 14
Birthdays: Irv Hoerr (1946), Bob Johnson (1946)

November 15
1886: Bosch founded.
Birthdays: H.B. Bailey (1936)

November 16
Birthdays: Tommy Archer (1954), Terry Labonte (1956), Roberto Guerrero (1958), Mike Groff (1961), Korbin Forrister (1992)

November 17
2006: Buell announced that it had produced and shipped its 100,000th motorcycle.

November 18
2014: Grand Theft Auto V released for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One (supplemental release date).
2014: NHTSA orders Takata to initiate a nationwide airbag recall.
Birthdays: Gary Bettenhausen (1941)

November 21
Birthdays: Jacques Laffite (1943), Travis Carter (1949)
1999: Clayton, Dubilier and Rice purchased Allied Van Lines and merged it with North American Van Lines to create Allied Worldwide.
2001: Frederick ‘Bud’ Wright named Federal Highway Administration Executive Director.
2008: Source Interlink closed the magazine Sport Compact Car after 20 years of publication.
2010: The American version of Top Gear debuts.

November 22
1967: Saab unveils the 99 in Stockholm, Sweden.

November 23
Birthdays: Bill Crittenden (1980)

November 24
Birthdays: Buddy Parrott (1939)
1918: Gasoline Alley first published.
1978: The Honda Prelude was launched.

November 25
Birthdays: Joe Gibbs (1940)
1920: Gaston Chevrolet died.
1949: The one millionth Cadillac, a Coupe deVille, was produced.
1982: The second generation Honda Prelude was released.

November 26
Birthdays: Dale Jarrett (1956)

November 28
Birthdays: Rob Smedley (1973), Bradley Smith (1990)

November 30
Birthdays: Dick Hutcherson (1931), Shawna Robinson (1964)
1960: The decision is made to fold DeSoto, just 47 days after the 1961 models were introduced.
1965: Ralph Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile was published.
2007: Evel Knievel died.
2009: The third generation Audi A8 was introduced in Miami.
2013: Roger Rodas (driver) and Paul Walker (passenger) died in a single-car accident of a modified high-performance Porsche in Los Angeles.


December 1
1914: Maserati was founded.
1920: Mahle was founded.
1955: Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus to a white person in Montgomery, Alabama. She was arrested, and a yearlong boycott followed. The Montgomery Bus Boycott would be one of the first major battles of the Civil Rights Era in the United States, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s leadership in the campaign propelled him into the national spotlight.

December 2
2002: Delivery of the first Honda FCX cars in Los Angeles, California.

December 3
Birthdays: Bobby Allison (1937), Rick Mears (1951)
2007: BMW X6 production begun.

December 4
Birthdays: Raul Boesel (1957)

December 5
Birthdays: Jim Paschal (1926), J.D. McDuffie (1938)
1955: The Montgomery Bus Boycott was launched. It would be one of the first major battles of the Civil Rights Era in the United States, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s leadership in the campaign propelled him into the national spotlight.

December 7
2007: Dodge began taking depositson the third generation Challenger.
Birthdays: Robert Kubica (1984)

December 8
Birthdays: Kevin Harvick (1975), Ryan Newman (1977)

December 9
1994: Production ends on the Dodge Spirit, Plymouth Acclaim, and Chrysler LeBaron.

December 11
Birthdays: Tony Eury Sr. (1953)
2007: Aston Martin design studio opens, V12 Vantage RS announced.

December 12
Birthdays: Larry Hedrick (1940), Emerson Fittipaldi (1946)
2005: CarsandRacingStuff.com was launched.

December 13
1996: The final 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS was produced.
2012: The third generation Silverado was introduced.

December 14
2016: Phil Smith died.
Birthdays: Steve Hmiel (1953), Alan Kulwicki (1954)

December 16
2011: The final Dodge Nitro was produced.
2013: The W205 version of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was introduced.
2014: Under Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Chrysler Group LLC becomes FCA US LLC.

December 17
Birthdays: Mike Beam (1955)

December 18
Birthdays: Ted Musgrave (1955)

December 19
Birthdays: Richard Hammond (1969)
2005: CSK Auto completes the purchase of Murray's Discount Auto Stores.
2012: General Motors announced that Chevrolet Camaro production would return to the United States.

December 20
Birthdays: Scott Goodyear (1959), Eli Walczak (2004)
1956: The Montgomery Bus Boycott ends three days after Browder v. Gayle is denied a motion for clarification and rehearing.
1963: Studebaker's South Bend plant was closed.

December 22
2014: Mark R. Rosekind is sworn in as the 15th Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Birthdays: David Pearson (1934)

December 23
Birthdays: Peter Sospenzo (1956), Greg Biffle (1969)
1986: The final Chevrolet Chevette was produced.
1990: Wendell Scott died.

December 24
Birthdays: Mary Barra (1961)
1973: Chevrolet begins development on the Chevette.

December 25
Birthdays: Tony Schumacher (1969)

December 26
1988: The 1989Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar were introduced.

December 27
Birthdays: Heidi Walczak (1980)

December 28
Birthdays: Jack Ingram (1936)

December 29
Birthdays: Waddell Wilson (1936), Patty Moise (1960), Angie Wilson (1974)
1967: Hyundai Motor Company was founded.
2013: a href="../g/granatelliandy.php">Andy Granatelli died.

December 30
Birthdays: Fred Lorenzen (1934), Bob Bilby (1941)

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