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James Druman

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk Break Room
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James Druman

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Article Index

December 24, 2009E-filing IRS Form 2290: A Solution for the HVUT That Makes SenseJames Druman
December 24, 2009Navigating the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax: Are You Exempt?James Druman
December 26, 2009Avoiding the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax: Is it Really Worth the Trouble?James Druman
December 27, 2009Filing Tax Form 2290: Your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Payment Made EasyJames Druman
December 27, 2009Heavy Highway Use Tax, The: Where Does Your Money Go?James Druman
December 28, 2009Heavy Highway Use Tax, The: Electronically Filing IRS Form 2290James Druman
December 28, 2009Understanding the Heavy Vehicle TaxJames Druman
January 3, 2010Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return: Have You Filed?James Druman
January 3, 2010Heavy Vehicle Tax: Navigating the E-filing Option Excise Form 2290James Druman
January 6, 2010Your Options for Filing Tax Form 2290: The Heavy Highway Use TaxJames Druman

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