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Examination of Stolen Cars

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American Government Video

Examination of Stolen Cars

A 1970's film about identifying stolen cars.  Presented by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This film is available courtesy of the FedFlix.

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Duration: 20:37
National Archives and Records Administration - ARC Identifier 12104 / Local Identifier 65.30 - EXAMINATION OF STOLEN CARS, ca. 1970 - ca. 1979 - Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation. (1935 - ). DRAMATIZED TRAINING FILM: Techniques car thieves use t ohide identity of automobile. Opens with a statement to law enforcement officers about the FBI training programs and is signed by J. Edgar Hoover.Thief hot-wires car, gives it new identification number, and paint. Thief would have gotten away but he runs red light and is chased by police until he ditched car. Car is identified as stolen and eventually returned to its owner. Police must be knowledgeable about how professional car thieves operate. -
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