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Brendan Gaughan

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Brendan Gaughan

A NASCAR driver.

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Racing Record


Brendan Gaughan 2004 Checker Auto Parts 500
Photo by Brian Cantoni
Brendan Gaughan #77 signing autographs and hanging out at his transporter -- very friendly guy
View photo of Brendan Gaughan at the 2004 Checker Auto Parts 500 - 183KB
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.
Brendan Gaughan 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Brendan Gaughan at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 4,224KB
Brendan Gaughan 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Brendan Gaughan at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 4,343KB

Article Index

July 1, 2007Gaughan Brings Hoya Pride To The NASCAR Craftsman Truck SeriesAnthony Fontanelle
July 14, 2009NASCAR Media ConferenceJustin Allgaier
Brendan Gaughan
January 30, 2011Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series GT Class: Rolex 24 at DaytonaKevin Buckler
Brendan Gaughan
Andy Lally
Spencer Pumpelly
November 17, 2012NASCAR Nationwide Series: Ford EcoBoost 300Austin Dillon
Brendan Gaughan

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Craftsman Truck Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Busch Grand National/Nationwide Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Nextel Cup/Sprint Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Win List

June 7, 2002Craftsman Truck SeriesO'Reilly 400Texas Motor Speedway
September 13, 2002Craftsman Truck SeriesSilverado 250Texas Motor Speedway
June 6, 2003Craftsman Truck SeriesO'Reilly 400KTexas Motor Speedway
June 28, 2003Craftsman Truck SeriesGNC 200The Milwaukee Mile
July 19, 2003Craftsman Truck SeriesMissouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers Ram Tough 200Gateway International Raceway
July 26, 2003Craftsman Truck SeriesSears 200Michigan Speedway
September 27, 2003Craftsman Truck SeriesLas Vegas 350Las Vegas Motor Speedway
October 11, 2003Craftsman Truck SeriesSilverado 350Texas Motor Speedway

Race-by-Race Record

February 14, 2009Nationwide SeriesCamping World 300Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet62South Point Hotel & Casino3515Running118/0$53,248
February 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesStater Bros. 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet62South Point Hotel & Casino119Running138/0$35,903
February 28, 2009Nationwide SeriesSam's Town 300Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet62South Point Hotel & Casino137Running151/5$36,693
March 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesScotts Turf Builder 300Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet62South Point Hotel & Casino121Running105/5$32,268
April 4, 2009Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly 300Texas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet62South Point Hotel & Casino1837Running52/0$26,448
April 11, 2009Nationwide SeriesNashville 300Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet62US Fidelis1417Running112/0$21,318
April 17, 2009Nationwide SeriesBashas' Supermarkets 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet62South Point Hotel & Casino147Running146/0$30,428
April 25, 2009Nationwide SeriesAaron's 312Talladega SuperspeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy1838Out (Overheating)49/0$24,603
May 1, 2009Nationwide SeriesLipton Tea 250Richmond International RacewayChevrolet62Loanmax Title Loans1126Running85/0$21,768
May 8, 2009Nationwide SeriesDiamond Hill Plywood 200Darlington RacewayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength1519Running106/0$21,643
May 23, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarquest Auto Parts 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength152Running175/5$51,243
May 30, 2009Nationwide SeriesHeluva Good! 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet62US Fidelis912Running127/0$23,018
June 6, 2009Nationwide SeriesFederated Auto Parts 300Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet62US Fidelis724Running91/0$22,958
June 13, 2009Nationwide SeriesMeijer 300 presented by RitzKentucky SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength64Running165/5$45,668
June 20, 2009Nationwide SeriesNorthernTool.com 250The Milwaukee MileChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength313Running124/0$24,918
June 27, 2009Nationwide SeriesCamping World RV Sales 200 presented by Turtle WaxNew Hampshire Motor SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength3821Running100/0$22,793
July 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesSubway Jalapeno 250 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength4117Running112/0$28,993
July 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 powered by Coca-ColaChicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength2513Running124/0$30,943
July 18, 2009Nationwide SeriesMissouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250 presented by VentriloGateway International RacewayChevrolet62US Fidelis2631Out (Accident)70/0$29,238
July 25, 2009Nationwide SeriesKroger 200 benefitting Riley Hospital for ChildrenO'Reilly Raceway ParkChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength912Running127/0$21,568
August 1, 2009Nationwide SeriesU.S. Cellular 250 presented by Northland Oil and TMC TruckingIowa SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength2125Running88/0$26,143
August 8, 2009Nationwide SeriesZippo 200 at The GlenWatkins Glen InternationalChevrolet62US Fidelis3722Running97/0$22,568
August 15, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarfax 250Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet62US Fidelis1529Running76/0$23,318
August 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFood City 250Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength2019Running111/5$30,198
August 30, 2009Nationwide SeriesNAPA Auto Parts 200 presented by DodgeCircuit Gilles VilleneuveChevrolet62US Fidelis179Running138/0$43,418
September 5, 2009Nationwide SeriesDegree V12 300Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength2131Running70/0$20,513
September 11, 2009Nationwide SeriesVirginia 529 College Savings 250Richmond International RacewayChevrolet62US Fidelis1221Running100/0$22,618
September 26, 2009Nationwide SeriesDover 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength3619Running106/0$22,468
October 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength1729Out (Accident)76/0$27,308
October 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesCopart 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength187Running146/0$35,603
October 16, 2009Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet62US Fidelis3015Running118/0$24,118
October 24, 2009Nationwide SeriesKroger on Track for the Cure 250Memphis Motorsports ParkChevrolet62US Fidelis135Running160/5$32,693
November 7, 2009Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly ChallengeTexas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet62LoanStar Title Loans1816Running115/0$24,343
November 14, 2009Nationwide SeriesAble Body Labor 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength3219Running106/0$27,583
November 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayChevrolet625-Hour Energy Extra Strength1011Running130/0$31,043
February 13, 2010Nationwide SeriesDrive4COPD 300Daytona International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1630Out (Accident)73/0$53,303
February 20, 2010Nationwide SeriesStater Bros. 300Auto Club SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1424Running91/0$25,983
February 27, 2010Nationwide SeriesSam's Town 300Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2613Running129/5$28,443
March 20, 2010Nationwide SeriesScotts Turf Builder 300Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2233Out (Accident)64/0$27,843
April 3, 2010Nationwide SeriesNashville 300Nashville SuperspeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2110Running134/5$23,768
April 9, 2010Nationwide SeriesBashas' Supermarkets 200Phoenix International RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino204Running160/0$38,118
April 19, 2010Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly 300Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota62LoanStar Title Loans1321Running100/0$27,313
April 25, 2010Nationwide SeriesAaron's 312Talladega SuperspeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino3627Out (Accident)87/5$25,568
April 30, 2010Nationwide SeriesBubba Burger 250Richmond International RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino179Running138/0$24,443
May 7, 2010Nationwide SeriesRoyal Purple 200 presented by O'Reilly Auto PartsDarlington RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1133Running64/0$19,673
May 15, 2010Nationwide SeriesHeluva Good! 200Dover International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1113Running124/0$25,218
May 29, 2010Nationwide SeriesTech-Net Auto Service 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota62Ab Circle Pro4132Running67/0$20,068
June 5, 2010Nationwide SeriesFederated Auto Parts 300Nashville SuperspeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1413Running124/0$22,768
June 12, 2010Nationwide SeriesMeijer 300Kentucky SpeedwayToyota62Ab Circle Pro204Running165/5$37,143
June 19, 2010Nationwide SeriesBucyrus 200 presented by MenardsRoad AmericaToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino63Running165/0$32,218
June 26, 2010Nationwide SeriesNew England 200New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1610Running134/0$21,893
July 2, 2010Nationwide SeriesSubway Jalapeno 250 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1929Running76/0$25,193
July 9, 2010Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 powered by Coca-ColaChicagoland SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino3516Running120/5$27,438
July 17, 2010Nationwide SeriesMissouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250Gateway International RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino417Running112/0$29,878
July 24, 2010Nationwide SeriesKroger 200 benefiting Riley Hospital for ChildrenO'Reilly Raceway ParkToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino216Running150/0$21,193
July 31, 2010Nationwide SeriesU.S. Cellular 250 presented by Northland Oil & John DeereIowa SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2531Out (Accident)70/0$23,038
August 7, 2010Nationwide SeriesZippo 200 at the GlenWatkins Glen InternationalToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2130Running73/0$19,453
August 14, 2010Nationwide SeriesCarfax 250Michigan International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1632Out (Power Steering)67/0$20,828
August 20, 2010Nationwide SeriesFood City 250Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota62Snap-On Tools2521Running100/0$27,693
August 29, 2010Nationwide SeriesNAPA Auto Parts 200 presented by DodgeCircuit Gilles VilleneuveToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1927Out (Suspension)82/0$32,268
September 4, 2010Nationwide SeriesGreat Clips 300Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota62Atlanta Title Loans3316Running115/0$20,712
September 10, 2010Nationwide SeriesVirginia 529 College Savings 250Richmond International RacewayToyota62Loanmax Title Loans2017Running112/0$23,893
September 25, 2010Nationwide SeriesDover 200Dover International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2016Running115/0$22,743
October 2, 2010Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino229Running138/0$31,078
October 9, 2010Nationwide SeriesCampingWorld.com 300Auto Club SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2932Out (Accident)67/0$23,103
October 15, 2010Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2111Running130/0$22,918
October 23, 2010Nationwide Series5-Hour Energy 250Gateway International RacewayToyota62Snap-On Tools1626Running85/0$21,723
November 6, 2010Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts ChallengeTexas Motor SpeedwayToyota62LoanStar Title Loans2717Running112/0$23,318
November 13, 2010Nationwide SeriesWYPALL 200 powered by Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalPhoenix International RacewayToyota62Alliance Parts3627Running82/0$25,228
November 14, 2010Sprint CupKobalt Tools 500Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet71South Point Hotel & Casino4143Out (Accident)34/0$64,447
November 20, 2010Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayToyota62Aspen Dental118Running142/0$32,868
February 18, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesNextEra Energy Resources 250Daytona International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2626Running18/0$10,275
February 25, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Oil 150Phoenix International RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1217Running27/0$8,325
March 12, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesToo Tough to Tame 200Darlington RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2325Running19/0$6,400
April 2, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesKroger 250Martinsville SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino319Running36/1$9,150
April 22, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesBully Hill Vineyards 200Nashville SuperspeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2217Running27/0$9,925
May 13, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Oil 200Dover International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino227Running37/0$15,500
May 20, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesNorth Carolina Education Lottery 200Charlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2730Out (Accident)14/0$8,000
June 4, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts 250Kansas SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino247Running37/0$15,300
June 10, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 400kTexas Motor SpeedwayToyota62Big Red2814Running30/0$12,375
July 7, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesUNOH 225Kentucky SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino143Running42/1$28,450
July 16, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesCoca-Cola 200 presented by Hy-VeeIowa SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1916Running28/0$10,300
July 22, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Deep Clean 200Nashville SuperspeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1813Running31/0$9,375
July 29, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesAAA Insurance 200Lucas Oil RacewayToyota62U.S. Air Force Combat Control Team1016Running28/0$10,450
August 7, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesGood Sam RV Emergency Road Service 125Pocono RacewayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino922Running22/0$8,150
August 20, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesVFW 200Michigan International SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino238Running36/0$12,300
August 24, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts 200Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino420Running24/0$11,000
September 2, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesGood Sam Club 200Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino2518Running26/0$10,610
September 16, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesFast Five 225Chicagoland SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1714Running30/0$13,750
September 24, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesF.W. Webb 175New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1212Running32/0$10,425
October 1, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesKentucky 225Kentucky SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino1819Running25/0$10,650
October 15, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesSmith's 350Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayToyota62Big O Tires / South Point Hotel & Casino219Running35/0$11,475
October 22, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesCoca-Cola 250 powered by fred'sTalladega SuperspeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino298Running36/0$15,100
October 29, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesKroger 200Martinsville SpeedwayToyota62South Point Hotel & Casino289Running35/0$11,475
November 4, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 350kTexas Motor SpeedwayToyota62International Trucks / Monaco RV2131Out (Accident)13/0$8,150
November 18, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesFord 200Homestead-Miami SpeedwayToyota62Tire Kingdom / Service Central1920Running25/1$14,050

Last edited September 2010

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