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Doug Heveron

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Doug Heveron

A race car driver.

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Racing Record


Doug Heveron at Pocono in 1984 1984
Nascar modified driver Doug Heveron made 31 starts in 3 seasons. Later in the mid 90's ran quite a few races in the then Busch Series with a 2nd place finish at Nazareth.
Photo by Mike Traverse
View photo of Doug Heveron at Pocono in 1984 - 519KB
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Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Busch Grand National Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

February 19, 1984Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic2323Out (Ignition)94/0$9,150
March 18, 1984Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic3130Out (Rear End)73/0$1,475
April 1, 1984Winston CupValleydale 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic3014Running121/0$2,280
April 29, 1984Winston CupSovran Bank 500Martinsville SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic2628Out (No Brakes)79/0$1,020
May 6, 1984Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Auto3736Out (Transmission)55/0$2,350
May 27, 1984Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic3440Out (Ignition)43/0$1,275
June 10, 1984Winston CupVan Scoy 500Pocono RacewayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic2826Running85/0$1,900
June 17, 1984Winston CupMiller 400Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic3430Running73/0$1,620
July 4, 1984Winston CupPepsi FireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic Racers4028Out (Accident)79/0$1,950
July 22, 1984Winston CupSummer 500Pocono RacewayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic2521Running105/5$2,750
August 12, 1984Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic3737Out (Engine Failure)52/0$1,200
September 16, 1984Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic Racers3413Out (Accident)124/0$2,450
September 23, 1984Winston CupGoody's 500Martinsville SpeedwayBuick6U.s. Racing2614Running121/0$3,805
October 7, 1984Winston CupMiller 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic4037Out (Engine Failure)52/0$1,040
November 11, 1984Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet01Syracuse Classic3818Running109/0$1,845
November 18, 1984Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayChevrolet6Syracuse Classic4023RunningPE$3,840

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