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Damon Hill

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Damon Hill

Race car driver.

His accomplishments include:

  • 1996 Formula 1 Champion

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    Formula 1 Race History


    The Flying Lap, Episode 47: Damon Hill, OBE
    December 1, 2011
    Duration: 1:05:54
    With the 2011 F1 season finally at an end, we talk live in the studio with the 1996 World Champion, Damon Hill. The son of Graham Hill, OBE, the double World Champion who also won the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24 Hours, Damon began his motor racing career relatively late and far from Prevailing Wisdom. Eschewing karts, Damon excelled on motor bikes before switching to Formula Ford and then Formula 3. It took a while for the establishment to recognize Damon as a great talent in his own right but the chance came with Sir Frank Williams in 1993, when Damon parlayed a Williams test contract into a full-time race drive. He was instantly on the pace of his esteemed team-mate, Alain Prost, and that year not only won his first Grand Prix but also the two that followed, giving him an amazing, opening hat-trick. Damon helped to steer the Rothmans Williams Renault team through the loss of Ayrton Senna in 1994 and thereafter fought closely with Michael Schumacher's Benetton, culminating in the infamy of Adelaide, 1994, when Schumacher drove into Hill when the World Championship was at stake. Damon received full payback in 1996, when he not only started every race from the front row but also won eight Grands Prix and the World Championship. Damon should have won in Hungary for Arrows in 1997 but did score one final victory for Jordan - in the wet at Spa, 1998, giving him a total of 22 wins, 20 poles and 19 fastest laps. Now recently retired as President of the British Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC), and from playing a pivotal role in the status of Silverstone as the British GP venue, Damon is now actively behind the career of the third generation of Racing Hills - his son, Josh. Fast in Formula Ford and Formula Renault, Josh, like Damon in the late 1980s, is at that time in his career when nothing is certain but everything seems there for the taking.

    This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
    Download The Flying Lap, Episode 47 at The Internet Archive

    Article Index

    October 14, 2013Damon Hill - The Best Driver of my GenerationMatt Hubbard

    Formula 1 Race History

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    DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
    May 3, 1992SpanishBrabham-JuddDNQ0
    May 17, 1992San MarinoBrabham-JuddDNQ0
    May 31, 1992MonacoBrabham-JuddDNQ0
    June 14, 1992CanadianBrabham-JuddDNQ0
    July 5, 1992FrenchBrabham-JuddDNQ0
    July 12, 1992BritishBrabham-Judd26160
    July 26, 1992GermanBrabham-JuddDNQ0
    August 16, 1992HungarianBrabham-Judd25110
    March 14, 1993South AfricanWilliams-Renault4Retired0
    March 28, 1993BrazilianWilliams-Renault226
    April 11, 1993EuropeanWilliams-Renault226
    April 25, 1993San MarinoWilliams-Renault2Retired0
    May 9, 1993SpanishWilliams-Renault2Retired0
    May 23, 1993MonacoWilliams-Renault426
    June 13, 1993CanadianWilliams-Renault234
    July 4, 1993FrenchWilliams-Renault126
    July 11, 1993BritishWilliams-Renault2Retired0
    July 25, 1993GermanWilliams-Renault2150
    August 15, 1993HungarianWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    August 29, 1993BelgianWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    September 12, 1993ItalianWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    September 26, 1993PortugueseWilliams-Renault134
    October 24, 1993JapaneseWilliams-Renault643
    November 7, 1993AustralianWilliams-Renault334
    March 27, 1994BrazilianWilliams-Renault426
    April 17, 1994PacificWilliams-Renault3Retired0
    May 1, 1994San MarinoWilliams-Renault461
    May 15, 1994MonacoWilliams-Renault4Retired0
    May 29, 1994SpanishWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    June 12, 1994CanadianWilliams-Renault426
    July 3, 1994FrenchWilliams-Renault126
    July 10, 1994BritishWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    July 31, 1994GermanWilliams-Renault380
    August 14, 1994HungarianWilliams-Renault226
    August 28, 1994BelgianWilliams-Renault3WIN10
    September 11, 1994ItalianWilliams-Renault3WIN10
    September 25, 1994PortugueseWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    October 16, 1994EuropeanWilliams-Renault226
    November 6, 1994JapaneseWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    November 13, 1994AustralianWilliams-Renault3Retired0
    March 26, 1995BrazilianWilliams-Renault1Retired0
    April 9, 1995ArgentineWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    April 30, 1995San MarinoWilliams-Renault4WIN10
    May 14, 1995SpanishWilliams-Renault543
    May 28, 1995MonacoWilliams-Renault126
    June 11, 1995CanadianWilliams-Renault2Retired0
    July 2, 1995FrenchWilliams-Renault126
    July 16, 1995BritishWilliams-Renault1Retired0
    July 30, 1995GermanWilliams-Renault1Retired0
    August 13, 1995HungarianWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    August 27, 1995BelgianWilliams-Renault826
    September 10, 1995ItalianWilliams-Renault4Retired0
    September 24, 1995PortugueseWilliams-Renault234
    October 1, 1995EuropeanWilliams-Renault2Retired0
    October 22, 1995PacificWilliams-Renault234
    October 29, 1995JapaneseWilliams-Renault4Retired0
    November 12, 1995AustralianWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    March 10, 1996AustralianWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    March 31, 1996BrazilianWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    April 7, 1996ArgentineWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    April 28, 1996EuropeanWilliams-Renault143
    May 5, 1996San MarinoWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    May 19, 1996MonacoWilliams-Renault2Retired0
    June 2, 1996SpanishWilliams-Renault1Retired0
    June 16, 1996CanadianWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    June 30, 1996FrenchWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    July 14, 1996BritishWilliams-Renault1Retired0
    July 28, 1996GermanWilliams-Renault1WIN10
    August 11, 1996HungarianWilliams-Renault226
    August 25, 1996BelgianWilliams-Renault252
    September 8, 1996ItalianWilliams-Renault1Retired0
    September 22, 1996PortugueseWilliams-Renault126
    October 13, 1996JapaneseWilliams-Renault2WIN10
    March 9, 1997AustralianArrows-Yamaha20Did not start0
    March 30, 1997BrazilianArrows-Yamaha9170
    April 13, 1997ArgentineArrows-Yamaha13Retired0
    April 27, 1997San MarinoArrows-Yamaha15Retired0
    May 11, 1997MonacoArrows-Yamaha13Retired0
    May 25, 1997SpanishArrows-Yamaha15Retired0
    June 15, 1997CanadianArrows-Yamaha1590
    June 29, 1997FrenchArrows-Yamaha17120
    July 13, 1997BritishArrows-Yamaha1261
    July 27, 1997GermanArrows-Yamaha1380
    August 10, 1997HungarianArrows-Yamaha326
    August 24, 1997BelgianArrows-Yamaha9130
    September 7, 1997ItalianArrows-Yamaha14Retired0
    September 21, 1997AustrianArrows-Yamaha770
    September 28, 1997LuxembourgArrows-Yamaha1380
    October 12, 1997JapaneseArrows-Yamaha17110
    October 26, 1997EuropeanArrows-Yamaha4Retired0
    March 8, 1998AustralianJordan-Mugen-Honda1080
    March 29, 1998BrazilianJordan-Mugen-Honda11Disqualified0
    April 12, 1998ArgentineJordan-Mugen-Honda980
    April 26, 1998San MarinoJordan-Mugen-Honda7100
    May 10, 1998SpanishJordan-Mugen-Honda8Retired0
    May 24, 1998MonacoJordan-Mugen-Honda1580
    June 7, 1998CanadianJordan-Mugen-Honda10Retired0
    June 28, 1998FrenchJordan-Mugen-Honda7Retired0
    July 12, 1998BritishJordan-Mugen-Honda7Retired0
    July 26, 1998AustrianJordan-Mugen-Honda1570
    August 2, 1998GermanJordan-Mugen-Honda543
    August 16, 1998HungarianJordan-Mugen-Honda443
    August 30, 1998BelgianJordan-Mugen-Honda3WIN10
    September 13, 1998ItalianJordan-Mugen-Honda1461
    September 27, 1998LuxembourgJordan-Mugen-Honda1090
    November 1, 1998JapaneseJordan-Mugen-Honda843
    March 7, 1999AustralianJordan-Mugen-Honda9Retired0
    April 11, 1999BrazilianJordan-Mugen-Honda7Retired0
    May 2, 1999San MarinoJordan-Mugen-Honda843
    May 16, 1999MonacoJordan-Mugen-Honda17Retired0
    May 30, 1999SpanishJordan-Mugen-Honda1170
    June 13, 1999CanadianJordan-Mugen-Honda14Retired0
    June 27, 1999FrenchJordan-Mugen-Honda18Retired0
    July 11, 1999BritishJordan-Mugen-Honda652
    July 25, 1999AustrianJordan-Mugen-Honda1180
    August 1, 1999GermanJordan-Mugen-Honda8Retired0
    August 15, 1999HungarianJordan-Mugen-Honda661
    August 29, 1999BelgianJordan-Mugen-Honda461
    September 12, 1999ItalianJordan-Mugen-Honda9100
    September 26, 1999EuropeanJordan-Mugen-Honda7Retired0
    October 17, 1999MalaysianJordan-Mugen-Honda9Retired0
    October 31, 1999JapaneseJordan-Mugen-Honda12Withdraw0

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