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Official Site: iSeeCars.com

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An internet site for car buyers to search available vehicles.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2009 press release.

iSeeCars.com, a privately held boston-based company, is the most comprehensive car buyer-focused search engine for cars for sale classifieds. Developed by an experienced team of PhDs, software engineers, and former entrepreneurs, hailing from top universities throughout the world including Harvard, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Peking University, and Princeton, iSeeCars.com pioneered a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary approach that gives consumers a powerful way to search for cars for sale across the Web and to discover and find the right car at the right price more easily, quickly and smartly. With just one click, users of iSeeCars.com are able to see used cars for sale from many thousands of car classifieds websites, newspaper sites, and auction sites like eBay along with many local dealership sites. Not only does iSeeCars.com provide a simple one-click search, it also gives consumers relevant, insightful analysis, tools, and information to more easily and quickly discover a potential car deal through its innovative, proprietary classifieds analysis and ranking technology. For example, car buyers can easily search for "moving sale" cars in which owners need to sell their car because they're moving out of town or country; the idea is that the car buyer may be able to get a good price or deal on the car because the seller is in a situation where they must sell the car within a short time-frame. With iSeeCars.com's mission of providing unbiased tools, analysis and tips to car buyers, it also provides users with impartial tips and advice from automotive experts on the car buying process.

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4 January 2009iSeeCars.com - Leading Web 2.0 Car Search Engine Receives Rave ReviewsiSeeCars.com

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