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Miscellaneous Images

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Miscellaneous Images

The Miscellaneous Images section is for images (photographs, clip art, artwork) not identified or not sortable by a specific topic.  There are tens of thousands of images in the library relating to these subjects that are placed within specific Topic Pages (for example, the Cars page is only a group of images of cars that are ambiguous or can't be identified, there are hundreds of pictures of Chevrolet Corvettes on the Corvette Topic Pages).  You can begin looking for pictures on a specific car at the Vehicle Index.


Antique Cars, Art Cars, Cars, Classic Cars, Dirt Late Models, Hot Rods, Junk Cars, Pickup Trucks, Pre-War Racing, Railroad Trucks, Sprint Cars, SUVs, Taxicabs, Utility.


3-Wheel Motorcycles, Cruiser Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Touring Motorcycles.


Buses, Specialized Buses.

Emergency Services Vehicles

Ambulances, Firetrucks, Police Cars.


Freight Trucks, Step Vans, Tow Trucks, Trucks.

Other Vehicles

3-Wheel Mini Vehicles, Autorickshaws, Boats, Bumper Cars, Campers, Food Vending Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Snow Plows, Street Sweepers, RVs, Trailers.


Accessories, Apparel, Art, Audio Media, Banking, Books, Bridges, Car Wash, Child Safety Seats, Driving Simulators, Food, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Stations, Furniture, Games, Keychains, Lego, Model Cars, Parking, People, Pets, Radar Trailers, Radio Control Cars, Road Details, Road Signs, Stoplights, Swap Meets, Toys, Toys: Lego, Trains, and Tunnels.


Drag Racing, Karts, Midget Car Racing, Open Wheel Racing, Pre-WWII Racing.


Highway Scenes, Road Scenes, Street Scenes, Vehicle Accidents.


Dealership Tags, Parts.



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