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Main Chronological Archives: 1940s

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The 1940s
Main Chronological Archives

The Second World War shuts down most of the automobile industry as either as factories are caught in combat areas or converted to war production. One notable exception is the invention of the Jeep.

After the war, automakers retool and rebuild to meet pent-up demand with mostly prewar engineering as they apply the lessons learned in the first half of the decade to a new generation of automobiles that will usher in the 1950s.

Following the break for the war, the restarting of motorsports lays the foundation for the state of racing as it exists today: Tony Hulman would buy and rebiuld the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, NASCAR would be founded in a small motel in Daytona Beach, and Formula 1 would be defined as a racing class although the first official F1 championship wouldn't take place until 1950.

Year14 Articles
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2,077 pages
121 documents
19492Video 2:30:32
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Patents: 6 pages · 2 documents
Other: 333 pages · 16 documents
Stock Car
19481Video 1:01:44
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299 pages · 16 documents
19473Video 39:01
Audio 29:34
248 pages · 15 documents
19462Video 1:52:47
Audio 26:50
246 pages · 16 documentsOpen Wheel
19451Video 1:05:09229 pages · 14 documents
19441Video 21:25139 pages · 13 documents
19431Video 46:54150 pages · 13 documents
19421Video 21:12424 pages · 14 documents
19411Video 2:57:33
19401Video 2:59:44Patents: 2 pages · 1 document
Other: 1 page · 1 document
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