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Main Chronological Archives: 1950s

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The 1950s
Main Chronological Archives

The 1950s were a Golden Age of the now classic American automobile, the country celebrating its new prosperity with brand new giant cars painted in pastel colors, embellished with chrome inside & out. For American teenagers, modified pre-war cars were the foundation of the new "hot rod" culture.

In Europe, recovering from the Second World War and coming to grips with life on both sides of the Iron Curtain, the automobile industry had a vastly different feel. While most of the industry was focused on providing transportation for a rebuilding continent, the Formula 1 World Championship began and the wider world learns what would become one of the most iconic names in automobile history: Ferrari.

Year69 Articles
0 sets
3,900 pages
199 documents
19593Video 1:58:11214 pages · 17 documents
19585Video 1:21:57326 pages · 17 documents
19578Video 2:10:29Patents: 19 pages · 14 documents
Other: 462 pages · 23 documents
19563Video 4:16:34768 pages · 16 documents
19554Video 3:57:07317 pages · 17 documents
195416Video 2:57:40198 pages · 15 documents
19535Video 1:37:25387 pages · 22 documents
195222Video 1:20:22611 pages · 25 documents
19512Video 1:51:14272 pages · 17 documentsStock Car
19501Video 2:56:11326 pages · 16 documentsOpen Wheel
Stock Car
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