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Main Chronological Archives: 1960s

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The 1960s
Main Chronological Archives

The 1960s were a Golden Age of a different kind for the American automobile. 1964 saw the beginning of the muscle car era with the release of the Pontiac GTO, the pony car followed very shortly with the Ford Mustang, Richard Petty won his first two championships, Ford took on Ferrari at Le Mans, and motion picture technology advanced enough to bring Formula 1 to theatergoers in the form of Grand Prix.

Year62 Articles
6 sets
6,883 pages
314 documents
19691Video 10:00465 pages · 20 documents
19684Video 14:02Patents: 4 pages · 3 documents
Other: 449 pages · 23 documents
19671Video 13:50585 pages · 54 documents
1966102,020 pages · 85 documents
19656Video 1:32:54361 pages · 20 documentsStock Car
19648Video 39:15503 pages · 24 documentsStock Car
19634Video 1:04:56435 pages · 19 documents
196219Video 1:43:03624 pages · 22 documents
19614Video 1:03:11
Event Photography 6 sets
1,099 pages · 25 documents
19605Video 1:08:02338 pages · 19 documents
Article and Document counts updated 8 October 2020.

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