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Main Chronological Archives: 1980s

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The 1980s
Main Chronological Archives

The "Dark Ages" that began in the 1970s continue through the beginning of the decade as the automobile industry shifts from a hodge podge of vacuum operated gadgets and carburetion to fuel injection & electronics. This decade would see the overall shape of the automobile as we know it today take shape: the unibody front wheel drive minivan debuts as sedans and coupes shift to the layout as well, composite headlights and body color bumpers replace chrome bezels and chrome & rubber bumpers, and the SUV would go from farm vehicle to family vehicle with the S-10 based Chevy Blazer and Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Year48 Articles
13 sets
21,580 pages
246 documents
19899Video 6:49:04
Event Photography 2 sets
1,221 pages · 23 documentsStock Car
19881Video 25:01
Event Photography 1 set
1,724 pages · 24 documentsStock Car
19871Event Photography 1 setPatents: 11 pages · 1 document
Other: 1,236 pages · 22 documents
Stock Car
19861Video 1:12:19
Event Photography 5 sets
1,547 pages · 23 documentsStock Car
19855Video 14:04
Event Photography 3 sets
5,591 pages · 27 documentsStock Car
19842952 pages · 25 documentsStock Car
19836Event Photography 1 setPatents: 41 pages · 5 documents
Other: 2,204 pages · 23 documents
Stock Car
198222,699 pages · 28 documentsStock Car
19816Video 7:232,581 pages · 22 documentsStock Car
198015Video 58:571,773 pages · 23 documentsStock Car
Article and Document counts updated 8 October 2020.

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