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Main Chronological Archives: 1990s

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The 1990s
Main Chronological Archives

This decade continued the progress of the 1980s, as body shapes shifted to more aerodynamic styles. Aside from cosmetic styling, wheel & tire sizes, advances in lighting, and the strength of pillars to prevent roof crush in rollover incidents, the late 1990s sees vehicles that are visually similar to what it still rolled off of assembly lines today.

The beginning of the decade belongs to the "soccer mom" and her minivan, but the rise of the sport utility vehicle also continues from the 1980s into the 1990s as the Ford Explorer is introduced and all automakers' SUV offerings become more refined and family-friendly. By the end of the decade, the minivan is becoming passé.

Showing a shift in American culture, NASCAR overtakes IndyCar as America's most popular motorsport, and the Winston Cup series begins racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Year1,156 Articles
3 sets
92,692 pages
1,463 documents
1999251Video 7:379,863 pages · 245 documentsStock Car
1998373Video 29:48Patents: 10 pages · 2 documents
Other: 9,299 pages · 354 documents
Stock Car
1997103Event Photography 1 setPatents: 7 pages · 1 document
Other: 7,509 pages · 189 documents
Stock Car
199617Video 4:00:5114,118 pages · 142 documentsStock Car
199527Video 2:47:2613,323 pages · 138 documentsStock Car
1994369Video 2:33:1611,922 pages · 119 documentsStock Car
199312Video 2:18:277,377 pages · 76 documentsStock Car
19922Video 1:19:18
Event Photography 1 set
6,822 pages · 67 documentsStock Car
19911Video 47:455,435 pages · 57 documentsStock Car
19901Video 31:03
Event Photography 1 set
7,007 pages · 73 documentsStock Car
Article and Document counts updated 8 October 2020.

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