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Index of Patents: 1900

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Index of Patents: 1900

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Books - 20 March - 17 April - 10 July - 25 September - 11 December
There are 739 pages in 6 documents in this index.  Go to the Index of Publications Main Page for notes about this content.

The "horseless carriage," as early automobiles were known, were not themselves an invention "from scratch" but the application of numerous existing technologies into one package. Not all of the patent documents in the Library may have been directly applied to automobiles of the day. Many of them are technologies originally used on wagons, carriages, and bicycles, the nonmotorized precursors to cars and motorcycles, technologies including tires, wheels, wheel hubs, and other "running gear." These, as well as general technologies of the rapidly developing internal combustion engine, are included here as historical background into the invention of the automobile and the earliest applications of it.

BooksDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
1900Digest of United States Automobile Patents
James T. Allen
Topic Page - 713 pages
20 March 1900Document Name & DetailsDocuments
20 March 1900Design for an Underslung Battery Frame for Vehicles
United States Patent USD 32,367
Henry Sill Baldwin for the Columbia and Electric Vehicle Company

- 73KB - 2 pages
17 April 1900Document Name & DetailsDocuments
17 April 1900Design for a Core for Vehicle Tires
United States Patent USD 32,542
Howard C. Tyler

- 95KB - 2 pages
10 July 1900Document Name & DetailsDocuments
10 July 1900Motor-Vehicle.
United States Patent US 653,501
Louis S. Clarke, William Morgan, and James G. Heaslet for The Autocar Company

- 1.0MB - 10 pages
25 September 1900Document Name & DetailsDocuments
25 September 1900Driving Apparatus for Motor-Vehicles.
United States Patent US 658,620
Louis S. Clarke and James G. Heaslet for The Autocar Company

- 794KB - 8 pages
11 December 1900Document Name & DetailsDocuments
11 December 1900Sparking Igniter for Explosive-Engines.
United States Patent US 663,729
Louis S. Clarke and James G. Heaslet for The Autocar Company

- 447KB - 4 pages

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