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Index of Patents: 2014

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Index of Patents: 2014

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14 January - 22 April - 29 July - 16 December
There are 395 pages in 8 documents in this index.  Go to the Index of Publications Main Page for notes about this content.

14 January 2014Document Name & DetailsDocuments
14 January 2014Development of Parallel/Distributed Applications
United States Patent US 8,631,160 B2
Frank Joublin, Christian Goerick, Antonello Ceravola, and Mark Dunn for Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH

- 1.6MB - 17 pages
14 January 2014Systems and Methods for Delivery of Multiple Online Advertising Units to Communicate and Interact on the Same Webpage
United States Patent US 8,631,314 B2
Hyo Lee and Peter H. Kim for Interpols Network Incorporated

- 1.8MB - 13 pages
22 April 2014Document Name & DetailsDocuments
22 April 2014Flat Wiper Blade with Spoiler
United States Patent US 8,701,241 B2
In Kyu Kim and Kyung Jong Nam for The Korea Development Bank

- 1.3MB - 26 pages
29 July 2014Document Name & DetailsDocuments
29 July 2014Interlocking Handle
United States Patent US 8,789,225 B2
Chad E. Anderson, Jay L. Sackett, Masaaki Tanaka, Christian A. Trager, and Christopher M. Higgins for Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America

- 1.0MB - 12 pages
29 July 2014Method of Winding a Stator Core with a Continuous Conductor Having a Rectangular Cross-Section and a Stator Core
United States Patent US 8,789,259 B2
Mark A. Stephenson for Remy Technologies, LLC

- 604KB - 9 pages
29 July 2014Urinal with Operation Controlled Via a Replica of a Motorcycle Handlebar
United States Patent US 8,789,808 B1
Anthony J. Moley

- 671KB - 9 pages
29 July 2014Wheel Washing Apparatus
United States Patent US 8,789,230 B2
Christian Langer, André Speckmaier, and Michael Heinze for Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

- 1.5MB - 15 pages
16 December 2014Document Name & DetailsDocuments
16 December 2014Secure Wireless Energy Transfer for Vehicle Applications
United States Patent US 8,912,687 B2
Morris P. Kesler, Andre B. Kurs, Aristeidis Karalis, Marin Soljacic, Katherine L. Hall, Andrew J. Campanella, and Konrad Kulikowski for WiTricity Corporation

- 19.2MB - 294 pages

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