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People Index

People Index

The historical archiving mission of The Crittenden Automotive Library includes documenting the contributions people have made to the automobile and other topics covered by the Library. Here you will find indices of automotive pioneers, engineers, race car drivers, designers, authors, artists, and other people indexed here for so many reasons related to the world of wheeled transportation.

Remember that this is a library, not an encyclopedia, so whether an entry exists or not and how much is available on an entry is related to the amount of information we've had time to enter and not related of the size of their contribution to automotive history.

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A few notes about this list...

The category a person is listed with depends on how they were entered into The Crittenden Automotive Library, which is based on what information we have on them, and if multiple categories apply generally the one the person is most known for is used.  For example, Bernie Ecclestone is widely known as the head of Formula 1, but he did technically attempt to qualify for an F1 race in 1958.  His long career as head of Formula 1 far outweighs his very minor driving career, and he is classified as a Sanctioning Body Executive.

"Author" can refer to a wide variety of writing, from articles and commentaries published here at the Library or books printed by major publishers (Journalist refers to professional news writers).  Because of the fundamental differences between types of racing, there are separate categories for "Race Car Driver," "Drift Driver," and "Drag Racer."


This isn't a list of the greatest and most important people in automobile history, rather a list of people about which we have a lot of information.

Automobile Pioneers & Engineers

Henry Ford
Founder of the Ford Motor Company
Race Car Drivers

Ralph DePalma
Vanderbilt Cup & Indianapolis 500 Winner (1909-1936)

Dale Earnhardt
7-time NASCAR Cup Champion (1970-2001)

Bill Elliott
NASCAR Cup Champion, 16-time Most Popular Driver (1973-2012)

Richard Petty
7-time NASCAR Cup Champion (1958-1992)

Patrick Sheltra
ARCA Champion (2008-2011)

Sam Curry
Alfredo de la Maria
Ken Eberts
Peter Helck
Hendrik Mueller
Current U.S. Government Officials

Former U.S. Government Officials

Anthony Foxx
Secreatary of Transportation 2013-2017

Ray LaHood
Secreatary of Transportation 2009-2013

Victor Mendez
FHWA Administrator 2009-2014

Gregory G. Nadeau
FHWA Administrator 2014-2017

President Barack Obama
U.S. President 2009-2017

Mark Rosekind
NHTSA Administrator 2014-2017
President Donald J. Trump
U.S. President 2017-2021

John Walczak
Motorsports photographer, 1985-1992

Bill Crittenden
Owner of The Crittenden Automotive Library, 2005-2017

Anthony Fonatanelle
SEO writer, 2007-2008

Gus Philpott
Blogger, 2007-2017

Chris Knight
Motorsports PR, 2007-2017

Matt Hubbard
Blogger, 2012-2016

Geoff Maxted
Blogger, 2013-2017

"Men and women, all over the world, right down the centuries, come and go. Some leave nothing behind, not even their names. It would seem that they never existed at all."
Nelson Mandela, Conversations with Myself, 2010

Here, their names are left behind. Here, they still exist.

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